You Don’t Burn Fat To Get Healthy, You Get Healthy To Burn Fat

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I have to be honest with you.


You may have seen something like this quoted elsewhere. I can’t claim ownership of the idea. I took someones original idea, “You don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight” and made it fit our paradigm at Burn Off Your Beer Belly.


It’s essentially the same quote and if I knew who originally said it, I’d give them full credit. If you know who it was, please drop that knowledge in the comment section, so I can give credit where credit is due.


I can guarantee it wasn’t someone from Weight Watchers. (watch the weight increase?)


This quote had to come from a visionary, someone who gets that conventional wisdom is complete BS, someone who understands the 7 essential concepts to help burn off your beer belly, someone who is truly burnin’ awesome!


It’s absolutely true.


You must first take an unconventional, yet sensible UN-dieting approach to real food nutrition, so you can be healthy, in order to successfully burn off your body fat.


You must be healthy to effectively burn fat!


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Skinny Fat


If you were to do a bunch of bootcamp style workouts and run 5 miles a day, sure, you may lose weight. But that doesn’t mean you’d be more healthy from it. Nor, does it mean you’d burn fat.


Ever heard of ‘skinny-fat’?


Relying too heavily on the number spit out to you from that scale or concentrating too much on the reduction of your body fat percentage is not the way to go about safely and effectively burning body fat.


These are stressful behaviors that can induce anxiety and depression. This will then wack out your hormones and put you right back into fat storage mode.




And that whole long-distance cardio thing…


Your body is going to become severely stressed. Your legs and feet will become an inflammation mess.


Instead concentrate more on what’s going on in your kitchen. What are you putting into your body?


Start improving your real wholesome food choices. Incorporate nutrient diversity by way of variety.


Take it seriously. Become healthy first and watch that fat burn away.


Another way to think of it is, “you’re not unhealthy because you’re fat, you’re fat because you’re unhealthy”. I certainly was. And it wasn’t until I understood that very thing that I was able to have real, sustainable progress.


So while you may have lost some weight with all your strenuous cardio workouts and eating BS labeled ‘health’ foods: low-fat, fat-free, lean, diet. It’s going to be near impossible to sustain it long-term.


You can’t damage your body with sugar, bad carbs and processed foods, then think that breaking your body down with strenuous workouts will do anything less than cause more damage.


Trust In Us


So, Burn Off Your Beer Belly wants to get you healthy first. This is the biggest reason I created the 7 essential concepts to help burn off your beer belly. You need a place to start, and it’s not the gym or some bootcamp challenge – it’s in the kitchen and your mind.


Once you start eating real wholesome foods, your body will naturally NOT want to overeat. Your hormones, gut and metabolism will start to function like they’re supposed to. You’ll even begin to boost your cognitive ability.


After all these things fall in line, the beer belly will naturally burn away.


Would you rather have to fight off your addictions, workout constantly, eat tiny serving sizes and be set up to fail? Or would you rather burn off your beer belly comfortably, without strenuous workouts, while eating delicious real foods whenever you feel hungry?


I think the choice is obvious, but it’s up to you.


I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but we definitely won’t set you up to fail. We’ll be here to help you the whole way through. You won’t find that with anyone else.


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