73 | Why Dietary Fat Is So Important To Our Bodies

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fat is important


Gimme Fat, Fat And MORE FAT!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover why dietary fat is so important to our bodies.


We’ll also cover Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10 dietary fat facts.


Here are those 10 facts about fat:


1 | Sugar makes you fat, not fat


2 | Dietary fat is more complex than sugar


3 | Low fat diets tend to be high sugar diets


4 | Saturated fat is not your enemy


5 | Some fats are unhealthy, like trans fats


6 | Everyone benefits from more omega 3s


7 | Eating fat can make you lean


8 | Good fats can help you heal


9 | Your brain is 60% fat


10 | Your body gives you signs if you aren’t ingesting enough quality fat


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