47 | Why Coffee Is So Good For You

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coffee good for you


Coffee Talk, Talkin’ Coffee!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover why coffee is so good for you.


We’ll also cover how coffee can still be bad for you and how to make coffee better for you. This is our #coffeetalk episode.


Here are the 6 ways coffee is good for you:


1 | It contains massive amounts of antioxidants


2 | It helps to increase circulation


3 | You make it Belly Burnin’ Coffee


4 | Helps to build a healthy liver


5 | Lowers your risk for stroke


6 | Lowers your risk for heart failure or disease


BONUS: Coffee protects against 5 different types of cancer.


Here are the 6 ways coffee could actually be bad for you:


1 | Adding silly sugar


2 | Adding processed, low-fat creamer


3 | Caffeine addiction


4 | Could give you adrenal fatigue


5 | Drinking Belly Burnin’ Coffee while eating high carb, processed junk


6 | If you’re a slow caffeine metabolizer and you drink coffee any time after mid afternoon.


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