Today Is My 35th Birthday, So Here’s 35 Unconventional, Yet Personal Stories, Fears And Facts You May Not Know About Me

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Happy birthday to me, indeed.


Today, is my day. It’s also the first full day of spring.


I was thinking maybe I would do something a little different for an article here.


I’m going to take a leap. I’m going to put myself out there. Expose my inner demons??…


While, normally, Burn Off Your Beer Belly is all about you – today, I’m making it all about me.


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This was tough to write. It’s always hard to be open, honest and upfront about personal things.


What I ask from you, after reading this, is to please share an unconventional, yet personal story about yourself in the comment section below.


Let’s do this… (oh yea, it’s going to be a pretty long article)


Today is my 35th birthday, so here’s 35 unconventional, yet personal stories, fears and facts you may not know about me:


1 | I’m A Libertarian


Not the Libertarian Party! I’m no Big L Libertarian.


I believe every human being has 3 basic human rights:


1 Right to life (to be alive)


2 Right to liberty (to be free)


3 Right to property (fruits of their labor)


It is a criminal act to infringe upon any of these 3 basic human rights. The government infringes upon each of these basic human rights everyday.


Why would I support any government party line?


This is why I’m a libertarian.


Take this simple quiz to find out if you are too…


2 | I Never Use Shampoo


This is not to say I never have used shampoo, because I certainly used to use shampoo everyday. Somewhere around 2011, I stopped.


It was supposed to be a 2 week self study. Then turned into a month. Then turned into 3 months. And so on…


I still shower each day and thoroughly rinse my hair. But, I don’t add any chemical-laden poos to my hair or body.


After working up a good sweat, I may add a drop or two of tea tree oil to my hair and use a little bit of Defense Soap on my most intimate, private regions.


3 | I Feed My Pets An All Raw


It’s really the way their bodies were designed to eat. Why should I try to fight nature?

happy puppy image1


The dog is a 99% DNA match to the grey wolf.


The house cat is a 96% DNA match to a tiger.


Check out all these raw pet food options at RawPaws.


4 | I Tend To Break Rules (never to do harm)


Maybe it comes back to me being libertarian, but many of the rules set in place by government are ludicrous and silly.


And the ones that aren’t silly, like the rules and laws against murder, I wouldn’t break those even if they weren’t rules or laws.


I have a personal, humane moral code.


Plus, I would have to infringe upon one of someone else’s basic human rights. In order to do that, I would have to give up my own basic human rights.


No thanks. I break silly rules that do no harm.


5 | Speaking In Front Of A Crowd Of People Terrifies Me (even if they’re people I know)


Seriously, this group, or crowd of people, could consist of only 3 of my closest friends and I would still be terrified inside.


That’s the key, though. Inside.


My 3 friends would have no idea the fear going on inside my head while speaking.


The bigger the crowd, the more noticeable it becomes.


Quivering lips. Sweaty palms. Light headed. Voice cracking. Voice disappearing. (Yes, literally unable to speak)


Why does this happen to me?


Your guess is as good as mine.


6 | I Stand While I Watch Movies or TV and While I Eat


As I’m writing this, I’m also standing at my self-built stand-up desk.


Sitting is so horrible on our bodies and I have to do it all day, during the week. When I arrive home after work, I’m in no mood to be sitting.


While I’m also mindful to get up and stretch my legs or go for a walk around the office, during the day – I still understand that the majority of my workday has been me sitting on my butt.


We watch a TV show? I stand.


We watch a movie? I stand.


We eat dinner? I stand.


7 | I Had To Go To Speech Therapy As A Child For My Lisp


Listen to the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast


Do I still have a lisp?


It’s true, during middle school, I had to be pulled out of my regular classes a couple times per week to go to speech therapy because I couldn’t say my ‘S’ sound, correctly.


I feel like I still have the lisp.


And why the hell did they put an ‘s’ in the word lisp?!


8 | I’ve Never Broken A Single Bone In My Body


I’ve gotten very close two separate times in my life.


One time, I wrecked my bicycle at the age of 9 – but I’ll get more into that one later within this list.


The other time, was a stupid drunken idea. I jumped off a roof onto a thinly carpeted concrete floor.


I’m not exactly sure, but my guess is that it was at least a 12ft. drop. I severely bruised both of my heels.


I couldn’t walk for a week or two and the initial x-ray showed what looked like a crack in my left heel. The first doctor who took a look, even said I had fractured that heel.


After a specialist looked over the x-rays, it was determined that I had only sustained severe bruising.


Don’t drink and jump…


9 | I’ve Never Had A Cavity


While it has been a few years since I’ve been to a dentist, I have no toothaches and my teeth look pretty good. (from this layman’s point of view)


I’ve always taken pretty good care of my teeth. I did wear braces for a few of my younger years.


And, I do experience some TMJ symptoms. I’m looking into natural ways to rid myself of it, it’s more annoying than anything else.


As for cleaning my teeth, this is what I do:


—  Brush my teeth & tongue in the morning using NOW Foods brand toothpaste, followed by slushing around some hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash.


—  Brush my teeth before bed using an activated charcoal type of toothpaste or toothpowder, followed by slushing around some hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash.


10 | I Love Figuring Out Shortcuts To Everything


Life hacks. Bio hacks. Ways to bypass the things I don’t want to do or experience.


This is how I discovered hangover prevention techniques that actually work without giving up my favorite booze.


This is how I discovered awesome fat loss & powerful muscle building techniques while still enjoying my favorite craft beers.


If I see a problem, I want to discover a simple solution. I’m going to dive in and see what I come up with.


Self studies + Experimentation = Results


Minimal effort leading to maximum results.


11 | I’ve Been Arrested (one time… 14 years ago)


It was 3 months after I had turned 21. I was driving my 1996 Mustang that had an under-car light-kit on it.


I had forgot to turn off my cool neon blues. In Illinois. Under-car light-kits are/were illegal.


I had also consumed a couple beers before driving. Cop pulled me over because of the neon blue lights emitting from underneath my car.


Then, after further inspection, he arrested me for DUI. I spent a couple hours in jail, until a friend came to bail me out.


Nobody, other than me, was harmed during this infraction. I was forced to pay the city an absurd amount of money. My dignity was diminished.


I completely understand compensating someone whom you’ve victimized or harmed in some way. My compensation went to the city…


But, I digress…


12 | I Despise ALL Politics (and politicians)


This is more about my libertarianism. I’m the kind of libertarian that doesn’t even support libertarian politicians.


I support exactly ZERO politicians. I also despise everything that has to do with politics.


They’re quite a drain on the productive class. They steal from your paycheck to pay themselves, but they also make all the rules around how much they get to steal from you and pay themselves.


The are not producers. They do not create wealth.


They make rules for your life and you’re forced to pay them for it. If you do not follow their rules or pay them, they will send their agents to kidnap you and throw you in a cage.


Violence. Force. Aggression. Coercion. = Why I Despise ALL Politics & Politicians.


13 | I Have The Complete Intro Monologue of Quantum Leap Memorized


I’m sure you can find it somewhere on the internet, but I’m not going to cheat – you’ll just have to trust me…


Here goes:


Theorizing that one could time travel in his lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett steps into the Quantum Leap Accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey was Al, an observer from his own time, who could appear in the form of a hologram that only Sam could see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to right what once went wrong and hoping that each time, his next leap would be the leap home…


I’m pretty sure I got it. Maybe I missed a word here or there. Wow, it’s been awhile since I thought about that.


I was a huge fan of this show in the late 80s into the early 90s. I watched it obsessively and would say that intro monologue, right along with the show, every time.


Scott Bakula. “Oh boy!”



14 | I Can Sing (or rap) Every Word of The Song ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm…’ by C&C Music Factory


No, I’m not going to write out all the words of this song. I think I would have to listen to the song a couple times again, before I could recall every word. Off the cuff though, I could get pretty close.



I would listen to this song obsessively as a youngster.


So silly.


15 | I Wish I Was Better At Keeping Up With Friends From My Childhood And High School


For sure, maybe we could all sing “Things That Make You Go Hmmm” and watch Quantum Leap together!


No, but seriously, I’ve had some very close and fun friendships over the years – but, eventually it always seems like life happens and other things get in the way.


Over the past few years, I’ve discovered so much more about myself and taken a very different path than others. Some may call it an unconventional path, but it’s a path true to me.


It’s who I am. It’s how I want to live. I’m going to be true to myself. If that means I’ve grown to have less in common with some of them, that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish their friendship – it just proves that lives change, people are different – we each have our own uniqueness about ourselves.


Embrace your uniqueness.


I definitely miss a lot of the old times, but also look forward to creating exciting new times in the future!


16 | I Once Had The Nickname ‘Silky Smooth’ Given To Me


This was a few years back, when I was playing in a pool league. I enjoy a good game of billiards and one of my fellow team members started calling me ‘Silky Smooth’ after seeing how I take my shot.


I guess I have a silky smooth touch


8 ball in the KERrrner…



17 | My Shaving Gel Is Tea Tree Oil


If you’ve ever used tea tree oil along with water, you may have noticed it acts like Rain-X. Like, how Rain-X causes water to bead up on your windshield, tea tree oil causes water to bead up on your body.


But, I love this stuff for shaving. It’s way better than any of those chemical-laden name brand gels.


Do yourself a favor and shave with tea tree oil.


18 | I Like To Be Around Sick People


They help me build a stronger immune system. Let my little critters have to work – that work only makes them more powerful.


When a bug is going around the office, I don’t mind the person who has it coming around me throughout the day. I welcome them to come to me… cough, sneeze, blow your nose.


I may very well get that bug, but my immune system is fully prepared for it and will use it to get stronger!


Bring me your sick…


19 | I Rarely Use Soap


In the same way that I don’t use shampoo, I also rarely use soap. The only time would be if I was extremely sweaty or if I got myself good and dirty.


Even then, my choice of soap is probably different from yours. Again, I’ll use tea tree oil as soap – or if I’m really working with a dirty Ryan, I’ll use some Defense Soap.


Again, this is coming from the guy who never gets sick


20 | I Take At Least 50 Different Vitamins & Supplements Each Morning


You might say I have some pretty expensive urine. And while you may be correct, I’m also experiencing great benefits from all these vitamins & supplements.


I am trying to move my regimen toward a more quality over quantity type of protocol, but anytime I come across a new vitamin or supplement I want to try – I have to run a cycle of it to see if there is any benefit.


If there is no benefit, I drop it. Some of the most beneficial are vitamin D3, ZMA, NAC, vitamin C and vitamin K.


21 | I Don’t Watch Football


There was a time, a few years back, where I watched some football – but my ‘sports’ priorities have changed.


In order to make my life more efficient, I only spend time on the two sports that entertain me the most and that I’m able to follow efficiently.


Those two sports would be baseball (more specifically, Chicago Cubs baseball) and the UFC.


22 | I’m A Die-Hard Chicago Cubs Fan


I’m even branded with their logo as a tattoo. They better win it soon.


But, you know as well as I do, there’s always next year!


23 | I’m Obsessed With Movies, TV Shows, Books And Stories Having To Do With Time Travel


hourglass time image


I think it all started at the age of 4. This is when Back To The Future first came out.


Time travel hooked me back in 1985 and hasn’t let go. If there’s even the slightest hint of time travel in a TV show or movie – I’m all over it!


Not quite as much on the books, but I’ll listen to podcasts or audiobooks about time travel.


24 | At The Age of 9, I Had Rocks In My Chin


I know, that sounds weird.


I was in a bicycle wreck that put a hole in the front of my chin. This was on a rocky pavement and a few of the rocks went into the hole in my chin.


I remember being at the ER and the doctor pulling rocks out of my chin – then he would ask, “did you feel that?”


He had numbed my chin up, so I didn’t feel anything. He pulled out all the rocks and gave my chin 5 stitches.


No more racing the guy on the motorcycle while on my bicycle.


25 | I’ve Recently Gotten Into Selling Through FBA


FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon.


It’s really cool. You send products into Amazon and they handle sales, shipping and customer service. You sit back and collect the money.




Currently I’m only doing retail and online arbitrage. Just getting my feet wet before I find a product I’d like to private label under Burn Off Your Beer Belly and sell on Amazon.


If none of that makes any sense to you and you’d like to learn more – just ask. I’m no expert, but I know some things.


Either way, look forward to some physical products provided by Burn Off Your Beer Belly in the near future!


26 | I Still Get Flustered And Nervous Every Time I Record A Podcast Episode


I don’t know what it is. I really need to get over this.


If you enjoy the podcast, consider leaving a review. This encouragement may help me finally get over the nervousness.


27 | My Dad Originally Wanted To Name Me Ignats Horacio


What more can I say?


I guess I’m glad he didn’t get his way.


28 | Jerome Is Not My Legal Last Name, It’s My Legal Middle Name


I guess you could call it a ‘pen’ name.


The umbrella corporation, I created, that’s running all these websites and different business ideas, incorporates my real last name into it.


I just feel the interwebs don’t need to know everything little thing about me.


So, keep calling me Ryan Jerome. Thank you.


29 | I Don’t Believe Legitimate Authority Comes From Coercion, Force Or Violence


More libertarian stuff!?




My question to people who believe in the government having authority over you is:


Where did government gain such authority? How?


Typical answer #1 – Government gets their authority from us.

But we don’t have that authority in the first place, how can we grant something of which we do not possess to someone else or another entity?


Typical answer #2 – Government gets their authority from the constitution.

So, a bunch of dead guys scribble some stuff down onto paper and magically it gives government authority over you and I?


Real answer – Government gets their authority from coercion, force and violence. This makes their authority illegitimate.


For further reading on this issue, please check out this book – The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose.


30 | I Love Watching The UFC, But Have Serious Concern For Knockouts Causing Brain Trauma


The knockout. It’s one of the most exciting things about the UFC.


But, every time I see another one, I cringe. I can only think about the brain trauma. Your brain is your life-blood!


You need a healthy brain. Going to sleep from punches is a quick way toward an UNhealthy brain.


So, I’m torn… I love the sport. I love the knockouts. But, I’m very concerned about brain trauma.


31 | I’ve Had A Lot Of Failures, But I Use Them As Learning Experiences


My failures, while at the time seem huge, are really pretty small. As long as I’m learning new things during the process of such a failure – then is it really a failure?


Fail fast, fail often, fail forward!


32 | My Girlfriend Says I’m A Perfectionist


I took a look at this article, 11 Signs You Are A Perfectionist.


I meet about 9 of those criteria.


My girlfriend might be correct on this one.


33 | My Favorite Incense Is Amber


I’m not sure what it is about this particular scent, but I really enjoy it.


It has a calming effect too, light it up and chill!


34 | I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Technology


I know technology. I’m pretty good with technology.


But then there’s the time when my new wi-fi Brother printer would not access the wi-fi network.


Times like that, I have a hateful relationship with technology. And guess what? My Brother printer is still hardwired to my iMac.


I still can’t get it to work properly.


The Brother printer example is only one of many examples.


35 | As Far As I’m Concerned, The Government Is More Of A Scary Bad Guy Than Corporations


Let’s close it out with more libertarian thought! WooHoo!


This idea is pretty simple. Let’s take a huge corporation.




Sure, they may do some shady shit, like collecting data on everyone that uses Google. They monitor your use. Mostly for ad generation and to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.


Let’s take the government.


They most certainly do some shady shit. They collect data on everyone. They tap into your communications.


What’s the difference between these two?


If Google discovers that you enjoy using some drugs that may be illegal, they cannot kidnap you, throw you in a cage and steal your money for using those drugs.


The government can. And will. Because you all still believe they have legitimate authority.


The government that will kidnap me and throw me in a cage is FAR scarier than the corporation that is unable to do that.


Praise thee Google!


So, there you have it! This is probably my longest article posted yet. And it’s all about me! Ha!


Well, it’s my birthday, so it’s time to go enjoy some good quality craft beers.


Cheers to you and I’ll be back soon with content specifically to help you. After today, it’s no longer about me – it’s about you!

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