The Burnin’ Truth About Belly Fat

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The debate is on.


No, I don’t mean those criminally insane buffoons trying to become President. I’m talking about the debate on how to effectively burn belly fat.


Mainstream & conventional wisdom points to long, drawn out aerobic workouts along with dieting or eating foods labeled as ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ as the best ways to burn belly fat.


I’m here to tell you diets don’t work. Stop dieting. If you use the word diet as a verb, you are already set up for failure.


When talking about your diet, use the word as a noun. A healthy diet is one with nutrient diversity by way of variety.


And the best workout to burn belly fat is one that is short, intense and enjoyable.


Enough about dieting and working out. Let’s talk specifically about belly fat.


I want to destroy all the misconceptions about belly fat. Let’s break down what belly fat actually is and what it means for your health.


Let’s dive into the burnin’ truth about belly fat.


Double Dose Of Belly Fat


If you have belly fat, you can clearly look down and see it staring back at you. But, were you aware there is likely another type of belly fat hiding from your site line?


It’s true.


There are two very different, very common, types of belly fat. One of them you can grab, pinch or pull. The other, hides deep inside.


We’re going to burn ’em both!


Subcutaneous Fat


Say hello to the belly fat you’ve already met. You’ve likely been pinched, rubbed or slapped on this belly fat at some point in your life. When you get your body fat measured with calipers, this is the fat they grab.


Subcutaneous fat sticks out and covers your six pack ab muscles. It makes up the majority of a beer belly. (although both belly fats decrease your fat burning hormone levels, leading to the beer belly)


This fat is located right below the outermost layer of your skin, if you were to burn it off, you could show off your rock hard abs.


No matter how many crunches you do everyday, you’ll likely experience little to no results until you actually burn off your subcutaneous fat.


What about the hidden fat?


Visceral Fat


This type of fat sits deep behind your abdominal wall and surrounds your liver along with other organs. Some of it can even enter inside your organs causing inflammation and increases in blood pressure.


You can’t grab, rub or measure visceral fat, although it will cause your belly fat to protrude if you have a lot of it hiding deep inside.


This type of belly fat results in more damaging effects than subcutaneous fat and it’s tougher to burn off.


Visceral fat can lead to lower testosterone and poor health in men & women. It’s also been found to lower sex hormone production and cause chronic inflammation along with elevating insulin levels.


Both subcutaneous & visceral fat can lead to diabetes, less muscle mass and less bone mineral density.


It’s time to get you burning off both types of belly fat.


Burn Both Belly Fats


The number 1 thing you can do today in order to start burning off both belly fat types, is to take an unconventional, yet sensible ‘UN-dieting’ approach to food. You have to better your relationship with real foods.


Please, take our Free 7 Day Belly Fat Burning Course here:

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You can’t keep eating sugar, processed foods, grains and ‘bad’ carbohydrates. (especially in the morning for breakfast)


You’re blasting your hormones into Wacky World. Your gut health is severely diminished. Your belly fat keeps growing.


You need to up your healthy fat intake. You need to up your quality protein intake. Definitely in the morning for breakfast.


You need to incorporate enjoyable functional fitness. You need to build up your workout intensity levels. And it all starts with changing your mindset.


Stop listening to mainstream & conventional wisdom BS. Forget the USDA & FDA nutritional guidelines. They don’t care about you. They won’t help you. They won’t make any commitments to you.


They all tell you to eat lean cuisines and low-fat yogurt. Both of those will add to your belly fat.




Because your body will see them as sugar. Your body gives zero Fs that they are labeled ‘lean’ or ‘low-fat’. They are both loaded with sugar & carbs. Both seen as sugar in your body.


Both whack out your hormones. Both destroy your gut health. Both screw with your digestive system. Both mess up your immune system. Both add subcutaneous fat to your body. Both add visceral fat to your body.


Dare to be unconventional. Shift your mindset.


Be Healthy. Boost Energy. Burn Belly Fat.


Do it all the safe & smart way.


Burn Off Your Beer Belly is here for you. We’re here for you. We’ll listen to your struggles. If you need someone to vent all your frustrations to, we’re it. You aren’t alone in this belly burnin’ struggle.


Leave us a comment below. Tell us what you’re struggling with the most. We’ll help you find a solution.


Cheers! And, I’ll talk to you again soon.

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