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Standing Is The New Health Craze!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover the detriments of sitting, the benefits of standing and how you can incorporate more standing into your everyday lifestyle.


Here are the detriments of sitting:


1 | Could cause nerve issues


2 | Can give you serious back problems


3 | Cuts off your blood circulation


4 | More prone to diabetes


5 | Could cause heart troubles


6 | Decreases your HDL or good cholesterol


7 | Causes your body to store more fat


8 | It takes years off your life


Here are the benefits of standing:


1 | Reduces body fat storage


2 | Improves cholesterol levels


3 | Makes you more productive


4 | Increases longevity – extends your life


5 | Improved blood flow throughout the body


6 | Helps heal back pain


7 | Helps to better your posture


8 | Strengthens your legs and feet


Here are some ways to introduce more standing into your everyday life:


1 | Eat dinner while standing at your island or counter or bar or whatever you have


2 | Stand while watching a movie or TV show rather than sitting or laying on the couch


3 | Convert your work desk into a standing desk


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