54 | So What If I’m Younger Than You, I’m Still Getting Older And Healthier

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Cheers To One Year!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll hear me ranting and raving about older people saying the only reason I’m healthy is because I’m younger than them.


Plus we’ll cover a couple belly burnin’ news items too. And it’s kinda our 1 year anniversary of this podcast!


Here are the belly burnin’ news items we cover:


1 | 10 Primal Friendly Tips From Wise People Throughout History


2 | An Extensive Article All About Almonds


Here are the 10 primal friendly tips from wise people:


1 | Famous supercentenarian Jeanne Calment – extra virgin olive oil, dark chocolate and relaxing with red wine.


2 | Greek philosopher Socrates – intense physical fitness.


3 | Ben Franklin – swimming, weight lifting and cold exposure.


4 | Margaret Thatcher – eating massive amounts of eggs.


5 | Naturalist philosopher John Muir – enjoying nature as very essential to one’s wellness.


6 | Ancient physician Hippocrates – walking and gut health.


7 | Food policy expert professor Joan Gussow – Butter VS. Margarine.


8 | French chef Julia Child – fear of fat.


9 | Physical culturalist Eugen Sandow – cold therapy and strength training.


10 | Anti-guru, guru Jiddu Krishnamurti – being your own guru.


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