Self Study n=1: Adding Muscle And Burning Fat While Cycling In And Out Of Ketosis

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At the end of January, I decided I wanted to attempt to add 15lbs of muscle to my 6ft frame.


There’s so many ways one could go about creating this kind of transformation, but I wanted to do something a little more unconventional.


I knew I would have to workout more. I would have to increase the intensity level of all my workouts and lift heavier shit.


So, typical mainstream wisdom would say I’d need to increase my carbohydrate intake as well – except I don’t tend to follow mainstream wisdom.


My Unconventional Plan


I was going to add this lean muscle mass and burn body fat, while cycling in and out of ketosis. Or, at least, that was the plan. That was the idea.


Ketosis, for those that don’t know, would require me to limit my daily carbohydrate intake to below 50 grams. (something I’ve been doing for many years already)


I’m not much for counting and tracking those things. So, the only way I was monitoring my ketogenic diet for fat loss and muscle building was by the way I feel and these urine testing strips.


Basically, the only times I would cycle out of ketosis were the few times I drank craft beer each month.


When I started this self study, I weighed 170lbs. My goal was to reach 185lbs of lean muscle.


And, if you don’t know my whole story that led to creating Burn Off Your Beer Belly, you can read it on the About Page.


Long story short, I had grown a beer belly, became unhealthy and ballooned up to 224lbs. (the most I’ve ever weighed) in 2010 – before embarking upon a whole new lifestyle and evolving it over the years.


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I was able to quickly lose 54lbs, get healthy, burn off my beer belly and build lean six pack ab muscles.


Now, after maintaining such a lean weight over the years – I felt it was time to bulk up and put on some muscle. But, like I said earlier, I didn’t want to do it the conventional or mainstream way.


Enter Ketosis


The simple explanation of ketosis is that it is a very high fat and very low carb type of diet.


It’s known for it’s amazing cognitive function boosting and body fat burning abilities. It’s not so much known for it’s muscle building effects.


Here’s an extensive two-part article all about ketosis or the ketogenic diet—>


After a mostly ketogenic diet had played such a major role in helping me burn off my beer belly, I wanted to see if it could also help me add lean muscle mass.


It was a pretty simple study. I basically had to keep eating the way I already was and step up my intense strength training.


Don’t get it twisted, I did NOT start doing strenuous workouts, long drawn out cardio or any kind of bootcamp style exercises.



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ONLY short burst, intense sprinting along with lifting heavy shit. (like these primal kettlebells) All this would take place 4 times a week and the full workouts would last no more than 30 minutes.


I also decided to stack some creatine, L-glutatmine, whey protein, cod liver oil and fish oil into my post-workout green juice.


The juice was made up of celery, cucumber, ginger root, turmeric root, lemon and kale.


Very High Fat. Moderate To Low Protein. Very Low Carb.


My body has already been fat adapted. This just means my body has already become very efficient at using fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates.


More specifically, my body uses ketones (small lipid-derived molecules produced in the liver) and fatty acids instead of glucose as its primary energy source.


This has been proven by use of these urine test strips.


Self Study Conclusions


The end of January is when this all got under way. I wanted to weigh in at 185lbs by Monday, March 21st 2016 – my 35th birthday.


I know it’s not technically my birthday yet, but it doesn’t look like I’ll reach my goal. I’m very close though!


This morning, I weighed myself = 182lbs. I looked in the mirror = jacked/ripped. I measure my body fat percentage (to the best of my abilities) = 9 – 11%.


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So, I didn’t technically reach my goal. Who cares, though? I gained 12lbs of lean muscle mass over a fairly short amount of time. I also used a very unconventional way to do it.


I’m happy. I feel more energized. I’m a productive machine. I’m strong. I think I have an 8 pack now. My brain feels more healthy. I enjoy delicious, real wholesome foods.


A lot of those things are subjective, True.


Either way, I’m definitely #ketostrong


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This is definitely a success in my book. I successfully added 12lbs of lean muscle and burned more body fat while cycling in and out of ketosis. (more time in ketosis than out of ketosis)


Happy birthday to me!


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