74 | Q & A – Slow Carb Diet, Muffin Tops, Sugar Free Energy Drinks, Cheap MCT Oil

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On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover answers to your questions about Tim Ferriss and his slow carb diet, muffin tops, sugar free energy drinks, daily value percentages of vitamins, cheap MCT oil and we’ll provide a couple listener progress updates.


It’s also my birthday today! I turn 36.


Here are the questions we’ll answer on the podcast:


1 | I’ve heard you mention Tim Ferriss a few times. What are your thoughts on his “slow carb diet”?


2 | Does the coffee really work to get rid of a muffin top?


3 | I constantly succumb to IPA beer and sugar free energy drinks, how can I get past this?


4 | Is Piping Rock MCT Oil a good budget friendly alternative to NOW Foods brand?


5 | How much is too much when it comes to supplements? My wife and I are taking several vitamins. I recently noticed that a lot of the “percent daily values” are above 100%, especially the b vitamins. Is this a problem? Can your body make use of this, or at the very least metabolize or safely excrete the rest?


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