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We have launched the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast!

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Upon this launch of the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast, we wanted to give a brief introduction and tell you who we are – Ryan Jerome & Sarah – along with where we came from and what you can expect from the podcast. Then we provide you with the 7 Essential Concepts On How To Burn Belly Fat.


By taking an unconventional, yet sensible ‘UN-dieting’ approach to real food nutrition, Ryan Jerome was able to lose 54lbs, build lean muscle, enhance cognitive ability, boost productivity levels and ultimately burn belly fat to give way to his six pack ab muscles.


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You’ll hear the story about my amazing transformation from 224lbs to 170lbs and how I was able to burn off my beer belly while gaining lean muscle mass giving way to my six pack ab muscles.


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Later, we discuss our 7 Essential Concepts On How To Burn Belly Fat:

  1. Eat Real Wholesome Foods
  2. Correct Your Hormones
  3. Fix Your Gut
  4. Enjoy Your Fitness Routine
  5. Create A Healthy Habit
  6. Make The Unconventional Your Conventional
  7. Be Mindfully Positive


Links To Things Discussed In This Episode


The Free Belly Fat Burning Course

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Free Belly Fat Burning Foods Guide

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Gut Healing Acidophilus—–>


Functional Fitness Equipment—–>


The Early-Bird, Beta-Test Version of The Burn Off Your Beer Belly Program—–>


If you have any questions or concerns, please drop ’em in the comment section below, email us or record your question using our SpeakPipe widget.


Thanks for listening to our first ever episode of the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast.


Cheers! We’ll talk to you again next episode!

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