Overactive Sweet Tooth? How To End Your Sugar Addiction And Squash Your Cravings

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Can’t seem to end your struggles with sugar or processed foods?


You’re not alone.


It was the toughest thing for me to break, years ago. But, do you even know what sugar is? How it affects your body? Where it comes from?


I didn’t. I thought, since I wasn’t very big on the dessert foods, that I wasn’t even really consuming that much sugar.


I was so wrong. And it was one of the main reasons I had grown a beer belly, weighed the most I ever have, felt tired all the time and was so stressed out.


Let’s end your sugar addiction and squash your cravings, like I was able to do.


Sugar Consumption Is Not Only Desserts


Before we go forward, we need to redefine what sugar is. Sure, we all know it’s candy, sweets and desserts. But that’s not it…


Sugar is also all the processed foods, simple starches/carbohydrates, grains and even whole grains you eat.


Do you eat cereal, toast or a bagel with milk for breakfast? Sugar.


Do you eat microwaveable processed foods like hot pockets or lean cuisines for lunch, maybe some yogurt? More Sugar.


Do you eat a plate of spaghetti with garlic bread or a burger on a grainy bun with ketchup on it, along with some french fries for dinner? Even More Sugar.


You’ve just had a massive sugar overload at every meal for the day. And I didn’t even mentioned ANY of the desserts you ate throughout the day.


How could this be?


While it’s not technically sugar before you eat it, once it’s broken down in your body it becomes sugar. Or, rather your body sees it as sugar and will turn it to glucose the same way it does for actual sugar.


So when you eat things that say on the label ‘low sugar’ or even ‘no sugar’, it’s going to most likely be grain-based or wheat-based processed foods.


This will all be seen as sugar and turned to glucose by your body. Your body will react to it as if it’s sugar. You may see it as no sugar or low sugar, but your body sees it AS SUGAR!


This is bad news for you, your health and burning belly fat.


Good news for burning belly fat is this Free 7 Day Belly Fat Burning Video Course:

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I don’t care what these BS labels say about No sugar or Low sugar. I ONLY care about how my body reacts to these foods. How does your body react to these foods? Do you even know?


When you take a more unconventional, yet sensible ‘UN-dieting’ approach to the food you eat, you’ll better your relationship with food and gain a better understanding of how these foods affect your body.


Quit following the USDA or FDA nutritional guidelines. Screw what they say, don’t listen to them – it’s your body and your body does NOT like being overloaded with breads, pastas, processed foods or sugar – but when I say sugar I am repeating myself because your body sees them ALL as sugar!


I’m really considering printing out the USDA nutritional guidelines and burning them! It would make for a pretty cool video. What do you think?


What About ‘Healthy’ Starches/Carbohydrates?


Like sweet potatoes or white rice? Doesn’t your body see those as sugar too?




I’m not saying all starches or carbs are bad. I’m not saying all whole grains are bad. I’m not even saying all sugar is bad.


I’m only saying that if all you do, day in and day out, is eat these types of foods.


You probably have an addiction or a dependency to sugar, your metabolism is screwed, your hormones are partying it up in wacky world, your gut is unhealthy, your immune system is crap and you probably have some belly fat you’d like to burn off.


Change your mindset, start telling yourself the truth about these foods.


I don’t know how many times I hear people in the office at my day job talking about how they’re eating healthy now, “it’s lean cuisines all week!”


It’s time to be honest with yourself, you’re not eating healthy – you’re telling yourself you’re eating healthy but your body is going to react the same way it has been to what it sees as sugar.


I’m not judging you, I’m only telling you what you need to hear.


I had to admit the same thing to myself years ago. It was tough, I was eating lean pockets most days for lunch at work. They’re called ‘lean’ pockets so it must be healthy – they’ll keep me lean!


I was eating corn and grain fed burgers on grainy buns loaded with ketchup. I was overloading myself with sugar. I was exhausted when I got home from work each day.


Then, I was so tired at work in the mornings that I would constantly catch my head dropping – I was falling asleep while working!


But that’s not it, my beer belly was growing too. I had to make the unconventional change before I spiraled out of control.


All-Natural Sugar Will Not Make You Naturally Healthy


All natural sugar sounds better for you. But once again, how does your body see it?


And where are you seeing this ‘all-natural’ sugar label? Because, the only real, natural sugar is fruit.


I’m not talking about fruit juice (unless you make your own juice with real wholesome fruit using your Breville Juicer)


Eating any fruit or drinking fruit juice that claims to be all-natural sugar or even sugar-free, are not the same thing. Always eat a fruit over drinking fruit juice.


The fruit is going to contain a lot of fiber to slow down how quickly the sugar hits your blood stream. While the fruit juice sugar will hit you immediately.


Although there are differences in when your body gets hit with the sugar, your body is still going to react to the sugar in the same way.


Sugar is sugar. Processed foods are sugar. Whole grains are sugar. Starches are sugar. Carbohydrates are sugar. These are all processed the same way in your body.


Again, I’m not saying all natural sugar from fruit is bad… Nor, am I saying all natural sugar from fruit is good.


You probably don’t want to be eating 7 apples in a day, but go ahead and throw two small apples into you juicer 3-4 times a week – along with other veggies & fruits.


I do this. But, I’ve already broken my sugar dependency.


I can eat a doughnut or some pizza or pasta every once in awhile with no ill effects, no sending my hormones back to wacky world, no hardcore sugar cravings, no spiraling out of control, no growing back my beer belly.


That’s the thing.


Once you ditch the mainstream or conventional wisdom BS and take a sensible approach to real food, you can get started on breaking free from your addiction or dependency as well.


Admit to yourself that these so-called healthy foods labeled ‘lean’ ‘diet’ ‘low-fat’ ‘fat-free’ are compounding your sugar addiction – your body doesn’t think they’re healthy, nor should you.


If you’re still struggling or knee-deep in wacky world and trying to get out, you need to take more precautions than someone who’s already beat the addiction.


So saying all sugar is bad is not the way to go about it, saying all-natural sugar is healthy is not the way to go about it.


Instead, think logically. Where are you in the overall process of changing your approach to food, where are you in creating a healthy relationship with food?


That’s why we strive to create a baseline structure in the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Program and then personalize it to meet your individual needs. We are still in the Beta-Testing version, but let me know if you would like to test it out.


Stop Cutting Calories, Going On Diets And Doing Short Cleanses


We’ll never force you to count your calories, track calories in – calories out, follow some ridiculous point system or cut calories.


This is all obsessive and stressful behavior. It’s nonsense.


I want you to successfully burn off belly fat, you can’t do that if you have major stress going on. These obsessive behaviors set you up for failure.


You’ll end up breaking under pressure and start binge eating. You’ll also never end your sugar addiction.


Even if you are able to fight through all your body’s stress from one of these quick calorie cutting diets or a short cleanse, they haven’t gotten rid of your sugar addiction. They haven’t improved your overall health.


They don’t address real issues like fixing your gut, balancing your hormones, changing your mindset or reducing stress.


There’s no accountability. They don’t care. There’s no long-term support. They get you in and funnel you out.


Where’s the follow up? Where’s the interest in how effective it was for you?


It just doesn’t happen.


Stick with us. Join Belly Burnin’ Nation. Listen to the podcast. Receive top-notch guidance and achieve incredible results. We’re going to follow-up with you. We’re going to provide personal support. We want to be held accountable. We want to help you.


Get Better Quality and Quantity Of Sleep


If you aren’t getting at least 6 hours of deep sleep per night, you are going to be hungry, irritated, moody and craving sugar.


Since you have an addiction to sugar, you can’t be expected to defeat this addiction when you aren’t getting deep quality sleep.


You’re set up for failure again.


Did your little weight watchers silly point system address this? How about your 21-day detox cleanse?


Yea, didn’t think so.


You’ll have better control over the approach you take to food if you’re getting better quality and quantity of sleep.


Correcting your hormones, fixing your gut and functional movement or fitness will all help you get better sleep.


To correct your hormones and fix your gut, you need to take an unconventional yet sensible approach to real food.


See how everything falls in line?


Eat real food. Correct hormones. Fix gut health. End sugar cravings & addiction. Sleep better. Burn Off Belly fat. And feel amazing!


This is the cycle you want to be in.


Let’s get there!



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