Not Enough Time To Cook Real, Healthy Food? Here’s 3 Quick Cooking Tips + A Bonus With 10 More Tips

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In 2010, I always told myself I was too busy to have time to cook or prepare a good, healthy meal.


What was I really busy with? I rarely worked overtime.


I was an 8 to fiver. That’s not really too busy.


Sure, I had other things going on in my life along with work, but I came to realize the real problem was that I was lazy. I was tired. I was exhausted when I got home from work.


I didn’t feel like taking the time to prepare a healthy meal. My cravings were telling me to eat as soon as possible.


Microwaveable, processed, boxed food it is!… Again.


Pop a couple lean pockets in the microwave and I’ll be eating my dinner in 5 minutes!


Eventually, I came to understand this was the reason I always felt tired after work. This was the reason my cravings were telling me to get this quick fix.


It was this wacky cycle that fed my mind with these excuses. Eat crap food. Crap food makes me tired. Causes more cravings for crap food. Repeat on a daily basis.


Does this sound familiar to you? Are you exhausted when you get home from work? Are you craving junk food right now? Do you always take the easy way out of preparing a healthy, real food meal?


I can certainly relate. I bet you’re wondering how I was able to pull myself out of this wacky cycle…


What if I told you I had 3 quick cooking tips for you? Tips to give you enough time to prepare or cook a healthy, real food meal? Tips that would help you squash those junk food cravings? Tips that would boost your energy so you no longer felt exhausted when you got home from work? 


And then, what if I told you I had a Free Bonus Guide for you with 10 more quick cooking tips?


Make sure you read to the end of this article, covering the first 3 quick cooking tips to get that Bonus guide.


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Now, let’s get into the 3 quick cooking tips to help you prepare real, healthy food.


Here’s Your 3 Quick Cooking Tips.


1. Change Your Language


Instead of saying “I don’t have time” or “I’m too tired”, say “It’s not a priority to me”. This should be used when you’re talking about anything.


But, especially when it comes to preparing a healthy, real food meal.


For example, “I’d love to eat what Burn Off Your Beer Belly suggests, but eating real food isn’t a priority to me.”


Or, “I’d love to blend my morning coffee with grass-fed butter & MCT oil, but starting my day off in fat burning mode isn’t a priority to me.”


Or, “I’d love to start doing short, intense workouts, but burning fat and building lean muscle isn’t a priority to me.”


I think you get the point. Say this out loud, or in your head, when it comes to anything healthy or productive.


This will shift your mindset. It makes your excuse sound pretty silly.


This is some serious, psychological shit here. I know it sounds goofy and like there’s no way this will work.


I challenge you to try it.


It will literally trick your brain into no longer making these silly excuses.


2. Cook For The Entire Week In One Day


This is such a simple quick cooking tip. We do this in our home every Sunday.


For example, last Sunday I grilled 8 grass-fed beef burgers, boiled 12 eggs, slow cooked 20 strips of bacon in the oven, cooked some shrimp in grass-fed butter over stove top and cooked a hearty, healthy crockpot meal that produced an enormous amount of leftovers.


Notice there’s plenty of variety included in everything that was cooked. It’s plenty of food to get me and my girlfriend through the week.


Sure, I may need to whip up some broccoli in grass-fed butter one of the days or do the same with some sweet potatoes – but the brunt of my cooking is already done.


I can quickly reheat a burger, bacon or the leftover crockpot meal in the microwave.


Or, the way I prefer to reheat those things – which takes a few minutes longer – is to do it over stove top.


The burger & bacon would be reheated in grass-fed butter, while the leftover crockpot meal would be stove top all by itself. (it’s already got everything needed, in it)


The pre-cooked shrimp is for a couple salads I’ll take to work, for lunch throughout the week. Same goes for the pre-boiled eggs. Take two of ’em along with an avocado for lunch. Perfect.


The best thing about all this food I pre-cooked?


It’s all real, wholesome foods. All of these foods will promote a better metabolism, boost energy, burn belly fat and create ultimate health & wellness.


After doing this for a few weeks, you should start to notice a change in the way you feel when you get home from work. You’ll no longer be feeling tired or exhausted. You’ll no longer be craving those processed junk foods.


You’ll feel like you have more time to prepare healthy, delicious, real food meals. You may be ready to tackle some of the recipes in the Boozin’ & Losin’ Meal And Beer Pairing Planner. Download it here:

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3. Let Your Crockpot Slave Away All Day In The Kitchen


If you run out of pre-cooked food for the week or you forget to pre-cook anything at all, consider letting your crockpot slave away all day in the kitchen for you.


Crockpots are amazing!


You can literally throw a bunch of different real, wholesome foods altogether into the crockpot and let ’em simmer.


The crockpot meal, I made last Sunday, that netted me an enormous amount of leftovers was loaded with all kinds of real, wholesome foods.


There was 2lbs of grass-fed ground beef, 10 chopped strips of bacon, 2lbs of sauerkraut, 2 batches of chopped celery and half a red onion chopped. Plus, all the seasonings to make this meal absolutely delicious, yet incredibly healthy!


You do need to let it sit in the crockpot for 2-4 hours, but let it cook for you while you’re at work – this is by far one of the best ways to easily prepare a healthy, real food meal. And one that will produce plenty of leftovers for your next meal, or two, or three…


Final Thoughts


So there you have it. Pretty easy to follow, huh?


Now, it’s up to you to take action on these 3 tips. I want to know about you taking action. Tell me how you implemented these quick cooking tips into your routine. Let me know if you experienced a mindshift, increased energy or any other incredible results.


Drop a comment below or email me directly and tell me about it:


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget your Bonus. As promised, since you read through this entire article, I’ll provide you with a Free eGuide: Not Enough Time To Cook Real, Healthy Food? Here’s 13 Quick Cooking Tips:


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