Never Wake Up Hungover Again! 52 Hangover-Free Weekends: The Ultimate Guide To Hangover Prevention eBook

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If you’re an avid listener to the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast or you’ve joined Belly Burnin’ Nation, then you probably already know exactly how to prevent hangovers, burn belly fat and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.


All, while still enjoying your favorite booze!


Even if you’ve only begun your belly burnin’ journey, you understand what it means to take action. The people with the most success on their journey are the ones taking action. The ones moving toward improving their real wholesome food choices.


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Burn Off Your Beer Belly has provided you with Free, Simple & Proven tips, along with guidance to help you achieve incredible fat loss results.


Now, we would like you to do something for us.




I’ve published my first Amazon eBook. It is the ultimate hangover prevention guide.


The official title is… 52 Hangover-Free Weekends – Never Give Up Your Favorite Booze: The Ultimate Guide To Hangover Prevention




Why Should You Care?


The reason we need your help is because within the first few pages of this eBook, there is a big promotion for Burn Off Your Beer Belly.


If we want to have the greatest impact possible, we need to build the Belly Burnin’ Nation community. We need to get these beer drinkers the help they seek in burning fat, losing weight, building muscle and creating a healthier, happier lifestyle for themselves.


If you want Burn Off Your Beer Belly to grow to become an even better, more stellar resource for you – then you will help us out. Right now, you are basically a founding member in all this. You’re receiving ALL the benefits!


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No. This is about you and others like you.


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Downloads, ratings, reviews and shares will all work together to drive this eBook to the front pages of Amazon. They will make it seen by more eyeballs.


And I guarantee this eBook is packed with value for you.


Here’s The Full Amazon Description Page:


The key to curing your hangover, is prevention.


Sure, you could give up drinking alcohol, in order, to put an end to those horrible hangovers – but where’s the fun in that?


What you really need is a way to keep enjoying your favorite alcohol drinks all night and avoid the nausea, the depression, the lack of motivation, the feeling of fatigue, the headaches, the exhaustion and the dizziness in the morning.


You basically want to stop feeling like sh*t the next morning!


Never wake up hungover again!


People, who enjoy their booze, trust me to help them become healthy, boost energy, burn belly fat and ultimately prevent hangovers without having to give up their favorite booze. I give them the personalized guidance they deserve.


What You’ll Discover In 52 Hangover-Free Weekends – The Ultimate Guide To Hangover Prevention:


** What the alcohol breakdown process is, within your body that leads to hangovers.


** How to hack this process with a powerful pre-drinking requisite that will prepare your body to fight off hangovers.


** A couple drink recipes that will boost your body’s immune system before you start tipping back the booze.


** A very potent supplement protocol to help promote your liver’s detoxifying process.


** What the most effective hangover prevention foods are to eat before, during and after drinking.


** Alcoholic drinks that are least likely to give you a hangover.


** An essential post-drinking requisite to follow before passing out.


** And the most practical ‘morning after’ hangover cures that actually work.


What will you do with your new-found health, wellness, energy, productivity, vibrance and refreshing attitude during your 52 hangover-free weekends?


The possibilities are endless and exciting to think about.




It’s all about implementing hangover prevention techniques. Create your pre-drinking requisite. Take powerful vitamins & supplements. Create your post-drinking requisite. Follow up the morning after, with hangover cures that actually work.


Let me repeat the headline again: I was successfully able to lose 54lbs, burn off my beer belly and prevent hangovers without giving up my favorite booze (which is craft beer)and you can too!


Download the eBook to find out how – as well as this eBook edition, you’ll also get:


** access to the ‘Fat Burning ToolKit’ for Free


** access to a Free ‘5 Day Belly Fat Burning Course’


** a PDF edition of the book (in case your eReader doesn’t handle images or this formatting well)


** the chance to get your burning questions answered on the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast


Cheers to YOUR hangover-free lifestyle!


So, there you have it!


Please, remember to head over to Amazon and help boost those download, rating and review numbers.



We appreciate you so much. And, let us know if there’s anything you need more help with.



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