“My Diet Starts Tomorrow” And Other Nonsensical Fibs You’ve Been Conditioned To Tell Yourself

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Have you said it?


Come on, be honest with me. Maybe something similar? “Oops, there goes my diet.”


Look, I’ve said it before.


Quite a few times, actually.


What’s important is that I don’t say it anymore. And you shouldn’t either.


Burn Off Your Beer Belly is NOT about ‘dieting’. Plus these nonsensical fibs, you tell yourself, are failure statements you’ve most likely been conditioned to express.



Truth In Language


If you allow yourself to eat as much processed foods as you like and you can just announce that your diet starts tomorrow… then, you think this makes everything fine – you’re setting yourself up to fail.


If you’ve taken the free belly fat burning course, you’ll know that eating processed foods, high-carb grains and sugar have a significant impact on the health of your gut & hormones. You can take that free course here:

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Since you have an unhealthy gut and your hormones are hanging out in wacky world, it’s going to be pretty difficult to keep from failing on your ‘diet that starts tomorrow’. There’s a term for this, it’s called ‘yo-yo dieting’. This is how diet plans like Weight Watchers get you.




You’ll join Weight Watchers, and maybe even experience some initial results. Eventually, you’ll go off of Weight Watchers and since they didn’t adequately address your gut health or hormone balance, the weight will come back.


Then you decide you’re going to go back onto Weight Watchers because of those initial results you experienced. But, you want to engorge yourself on a bunch of crap food before getting on it, so your ‘diet starts tomorrow’.


The thing is, this exact same process is going to endlessly repeat itself unless you actually address the reasons for your weight gain. If you’ve been through this yo-yo cycle, you’ve been conditioned to blurt out these nonsensical fibs.


These fibs become ingrained in your psyche. They even make you feel better about yourself, but it’s very short-lived.


They don’t actually make you feel better or burn fat. They make you blind to the real problem.


They hooked you.


Same goes for any of the Weight Watchers clones out there.


I gotta think they know what they’re doing. They know that if they never address gut health or hormone balance, you’ll be a repeat customer.


Alternative Language


I can’t, with good conscious, do that to you. Burn Off Your Beer Belly promotes proven, honest, principled and effective ways to burn off excess belly fat.


There’s no failure statements, there’s no shame, there’s no guilt, there’s no nonsense and there’s no bullshit.


How about you instead say “I’m eating clean today” or “I’m starting real food nutrition today”. These sayings have the same effect on your pysche when you say them, plus they aren’t failure statements.


“I’m fixing my gut today”.


“I’m breaking my hormones free from wacky world today”.


“I’m making improved food choices today”.


Positive, truth statements that help you pave the way toward incredible fat loss results.


It’s mindfulness. It’s consistent. It’s persistence. It’s sensible. It’s logical.


What are some other nonsensical dieting fibs you’ve blurted out to friends or family? Drop ’em in that comment section below.


Cheers to today!

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