77 | Lessons About Hunger

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lessons about hunger


Hunger Strikes Again!


On today’s podcast, you’ll discover some lessons about hunger.


We also make an important announcement.


Here are 3 things we recommend if you feel hungry all the time:


1 | Figure out and normalize your leptin response


2 | Don’t let things trigger your hunger (get rid of trigger foods)


3 | Pay attention to what you’re eating and how you’re feeling


Here are 6 signs your hunger is being caused by a hormonal imbalance:


1 | You eat because you only have one chance to eat at a certain time of day


2 | You eat when you don’t even feel hungry yet


3 | You’re always looking for quick and convenient food rather than planning and prepping your meals


4 | You’re a constant grazer or snack often


5 | You believe in the mainstream conventional line of you need to eat multiple small meals a day to keep your metabolism going strong or to lose weight


6 | As soon as hunger strikes, you will eat anything in sight to quench it


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