Legitimate Fat Loss Techniques Shown On ABC’s ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’?!

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I know, I’m freaking out.


What am I doing?!


Have I turned over to the dark side? Have I sided with the mainstream? Have I returned to conventional wisdom?


Not quite.


Sure, ABC television is about as mainstream as it gets. Especially since the show I’m promoting in this article is a reality show.


But, what I like about this particular reality dieting show over the other nonsense ones, like ‘Biggest Loser’, is one man.


He’s called The Fat Burning Man. Or Abel James. This is how legitimate fat loss techniques were shown on ABC’s ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’. Provided by him. Mostly, from him.


Abel and his whole Fat Burning Man platform has been a huge inspiration to what we’ve built and are still building here with Burn Off Your Beer Belly. And remember to join Belly Burnin’ Nation to gain access to a Free Fat Burning ToolKit:

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We even highly recommend his Fat Burning Chef cookbook or eBook or program, whatever you want to call it, it’s loaded with over 150 recipes from the best Paleo, gluten-free, real-food cooking authors on the planet.


Fat Burning Chef Also Contains:


—  Step-by-step, over-the-shoulder directions so you know exactly how to whip up great meals


—  Hundreds of stunning photographs taken by each chef demonstrating the perfect presentation of each dish


 100% real food recipes made from real, fresh, simple ingredients you can find at your local grocery store, co-op or farmer’s market


—  10 categories of quick and easy recipes including breakfast, beef, poultry, pork, seafood, sides, snacks, appetizers, soups and desserts so you can have every meal covered


 Allergy-friendly recipe section so you can easily find dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, sugar-free, raw vegan and vegetarian recipes


Download Fat Burning Chef Now:

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About The Show ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’


ABC ordered 8 one-hour episodes of ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’ and it premiered back on Thursday January 7th at 8/7c.


The show follows a few different celebrity trainers as they coach overweight people looking to create incredible weight loss.


Each of these different trainers will be paired with regular overweight contestants and compete with the other trainers in helping their designated person to reach their weight loss goals.



The trainers featured on the show are Carolyn Barnes from cLEAN Momma Plan, Jovanka Ciares from The Wellness Smackdown, Jay Cardiello from The No Diet Plan, Dawn Jackson from The Superfood Swap Diet and finally, our favorite, Abel James from Fat Burning Man.


This is unlike other diet shows, says Shaun T, creator of Insanity and host of the show. “They’re going to work, they’re coming home and they have to make their own food.”


To measure each contestant’s weight loss and fitness progress, contestants will be evaluated in challenges created by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser (whose clients include Kelly Ripa, Shakira and Sarah Jessica Parker).


And finally, another concept of ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’, that makes it unique, is that contestants may eliminate their trainers if they don’t feel like the plan is working for them.


Why This Is So Important


While there are still a lot of things wrong with this TV show, and mainstream TV in general –  like your typical reality drama build-up and commercials. There’s a lot to gain from watching it.


And, if you want to listen to our recap after each episode – give our podcast a listen, then join the conversation and let us know what you think about the show!


As long as Mr. Fat Burning Man makes it through the whole show, that is. Even if he does get booted for whatever reason sooner than expected, he’ll at least broadcast his unconventional message to millions of people.


He also says to add grass-fed butter and MCT Oil to your morning coffee, rather than sugar or chemical-laden creamer! In the very first episode!


By way of the TV show, more people will find his website, his brand, his lifestyle. This means more people will get the real help they need.


The help that won’t come from conventional wisdom.


And that’s why ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’ is so important.

You’ll even get some occasional nuggets of wisdom from some of the other trainers. And if something they say resonates well with you, by all means, give it a try! All we want is for you to get the help you need to achieve incredible fat loss results.


But, we also want you to enjoy everything life has to offer while you’re doing it.


So, for as long as Abel James – The Fat Burning Man, stays on the show, you will definitely be getting legitimate fat loss techniques from ABC’s ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’. Plus a few quality techniques from some of the other trainers.


Check it out. Give it a shot.


And, consider listening to the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast for even further fat loss advice without ditching your favorite beer. We’ll also be doing some BONUS episodes covering episodes of ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’.



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