I’ve Never Drank Bulletproof Coffee, Yet I Drink Coffee Blended With Butter & MCT Oil Everyday – How Can This Be?!

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Are you among the masses falling for the ‘Bulletproof Coffee trick’?


Do you even know what I’m talking about?


Let me give you some background…


There’s this guy, who runs a very popular website. Let’s call him ‘Bave Basprey’.


Now, before we go any further… let me just say, I have zero ill will toward Mr. Bave Basprey. He’s actually been somewhat of an inspiration in creating Burn Off Your Beer Belly, along with many other inspirational people.


He’s expressed his ideas on the internet, we’ve put some of those ideas into practice and expanded upon them. Evolved them further.


Plus, added in some of our own ideas.


You can grab some of our ideas for Free when you pick up the Fat Burning ToolKit here:

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Bave Basprey is a master at promotion and marketing. Maybe even a genius, when it comes to those things. I can only wish to be that great at marketing and promotion.


That said, by way of his insane marketing genius, if someone tells you that they enjoy butter in their coffee – I assume there is at least a 75% chance you will then reply to them saying something like, “oh, so you drink bulletproof coffee..”


I assume 20% don’t even know what bulletproof coffee is. And the last 5%, I assume, absolutely know about this bulletproof coffee trick.


My percentages may be off by a bit, but I think you get the idea.


So, Bave Basprey, came across this notion of adding butter into his coffee from some mountainous monks who would add yak butter to their hot tea.


He then created a brand around it. Bulletproof.


That’s the quick background story.


But, what is bulletproof coffee, really?


It is NOT the act of blending butter and MCT oil into your coffee. Bulletproof coffee and blending butter & MCT oil into your coffee are NOT synonymous.


You have been ‘tricked’ into believing that the act of adding only butter to one’s coffee makes it bulletproof.




Bulletproof coffee is Bave Basprey’s brand of coffee.


That’s it.


If you are not buying and brewing his brand of coffee, you are not drinking bulletproof coffee – I don’t care how much butter and MCT oil you’re putting in.


It’s that simple.


That’s how I can say that I’ve never drank bulletproof coffee, yet I drink coffee blended with butter & MCT oil everyday.


I guess, technically he calls it Bulletproof Upgraded Self Coffee. If you really want to see what all the fuss is about, he’s put together a bulletproof coffee starter kit.


But again, the budget friendly route is to buy your own favorite coffee, grab a brick of Kerrgold UNsalted butter from grass-fed cows for around $3 and a 32oz bottle of NOW MCT oil for around $20.


So, it got me thinking…


What should I call this coffee that I drink?


It had to be something it truly is.


Obviously, bulletproof coffee won’t literally make you bulletproof. But, I think at least 99% of you know that.


So, what is it, literally?


Beer Belly Proof?  – That sounds a little too rip off-y…


Fatty Coffee?  – Someone in the industry already calls it that…


A listener to the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast suggested Belly Burnin’ Coffee.


And, he even made a video for it. Take a look…



I think it’s settled.


It ain’t no bulletproof coffee, it’s Belly Burnin’ Coffee!


Now, what the hell did I do with my marketing genius?




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