Is The Language You Use Keeping You From Achieving Your Health & Fitness Goals?

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This isn’t about English, Spanish, Russian or anything like that.


It’s about the mental game.


What are the things you tell yourself about health and fitness?


In what way do you talk about health and fitness?


What do the people, you surround yourself with, say about health and fitness?


Is the language you use keeping you from achieving your health & fitness goals?


That’s what we’re talking about today.


Get Your Language Right. Get Your Mind Right. Get Your Body Right. Get Your Life Right.


I always get asked, “How’d you do it?” (in reference to losing 54lbs, building lean muscle and wiping out hangovers)


And sure, a lot of ‘how I did it’ was from improved conscious food choices, getting off my ass, taking vitamins & supplements and paying attention to my body.


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But, there was also the mental part of it. The language I used with myself. The language of the people I surrounded myself with. Taking that language and evolving it to meet my personal wants, needs and goals. Using that language as a beacon of positivity.


So, that’s why, at the beginning of this article, I asked what type of language you use.


If you say things to yourself using words like can’t, shouldn’t, won’t, try, impossible, fail, wouldn’t or weak – this very well could be why you aren’t achieving your health and fitness goals.


“I can’t cook real wholesome foods.”


“I’m a girl, so I shouldn’t ever lift more than 3lbs.”


“I won’t ever lose this belly fat.”


I think you get the point.


Use words like DO, CAN and WILL.


I know, this can seem like silly nonsense. I get it. Start with ONLY using this language to yourself, inside your head. Really give it a chance. You’ll notice yourself feeling more empowered. More persistent. More positive. Slowly but surely it will help to evolve your mindset.


Also, pay attention to the language people around you are using. While you’re in this process of building a healthier life for yourself, cut out the negativity. If you’re surrounding yourself with negativity, it’s going to bleed over into your language. It’s going to bring you down.


It’s that famous quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  – Jim Rohn


Spend the most time with those that you admire. Those that you aspire to be like. Those that inspire you.


Those that are getting shit done!


This goes for all things, not just health and fitness. Things like business, life, relationships, work, etc…


Unexpected Negatives


I know, it’s not all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns in this life.


Sometimes, shit happens.


The way you deal with these unexpected negatives. The way you perceive these unexpected negatives. The way you react to these unexpected negatives, can all be driven by the language you’ve been using.


You see, Eckhart Tolle said “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”


This quote resonated with me.


Years ago, when my language was much more negative, if an unexpected negative happened in my life, I would use it as an excuse. Even when the unexpected negative was something as small as “I have a headache” or “My lower back hurts”.


Any and all unexpected negatives would be turned into excuses as to why I can’t prepare a healthy meal. Excuses as to why I shouldn’t do an intense workout. Excuses as to why I won’t ever lose this beer belly.


My language. My thoughts. My mindset were driving my reaction. My excuses. My guilt. My failures.


I don’t want you thinking I’m some guru of positivity and success. I still struggle with this language thing to this day. I don’t think any one of us has it all figured out. We are all flawed in our own unique ways. Embrace your flaws, they make you human.


The main thing is to always be improving. Just like you want to make improved conscious food choices, you want to improve your own internal language. Improve your positivity. Improve your reactions.


The Small Wins Are Still Wins


I don’t care what anyone says, improving is winning.


I’ve worked with people who don’t quite understand this whole language or mental aspect of the process yet. They’ll say to me, “I’m following your advice and I have so much energy, I’m sleeping better, I look better in the mirror and I feel great! But, I’ve only lost 2lbs. I’m trying to get down 8 more pounds.”


Or some statement much like that one. So, they just told me like 8 awesome positive things about how their whole life is so much better, but their biggest concern is the one, single, final negative statement.


All their positivity. All their improvements. All their healthy goals achieved. ALL negated because they’re trying to lose 10lbs. They’re trying to represent their relation to gravity with some stupid, smaller number. And because they didn’t quite reach this stupid number, all is lost.




Not all is lost.


All is won.


You are winning. You are improving. You are succeeding. 


Keep it up. Stay persistent. Drop the negative statements. Recognize, even, your smallest wins.


Further Help. Further Guidance.


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Most of all, enjoy the process. Stay positive. Keep persistent. And celebrate your healthy life!



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