How To Boost Your Energy The Healthy Way

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I have beer drinkers emailing me all the time, asking how they can increase their energy levels.


They complain of feeling tired or exhausted. They announce today is their lazy day.


Wait, I thought yesterday was your lazy day? We gotta get you to stop having so many lazy days.


Energy is what keeps us vibrant. It’s what keeps us from living a sedentary lifestyle. It’s what keeps the body fat off.


And I’m sure you have tons of responsibilities day in, day out. You need that boost of energy so you can accomplish your daily goals.


But, your body’s energy is a limited resource. It’s important to understand and accept that notion. This will help you to better manage your energy levels, overall.


It is possible to create more of this limited resource, though. It starts with your mindset.


Your mindset can go a long way toward creating more energy for yourself. Instead of saying “I’m lazy” or “I’m tired” or “I’m exhausted”, try saying “Today, I’m going to Be Energetic”.


Still, shifting your mindset, alone, may not be enough to really boost your energy levels. If that’s the case, please read further into this article.


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Today, you’ll discover how to boost your energy the healthy way. Use these 7 action steps to start boosting your energy levels right now!


1 | Get Plenty Of Good, Quality, Deep Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important things in creating a healthier lifestyle. It’s so good for your energy levels too.


During deep sleep, is when your body repairs itself. It rejuvenates. It reboots. It restores. It recharges. It detoxes. It rebuilds your energy levels for the next day.


As a general rule, shoot for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. That’s 7-9 hours of quality, deep sleep.


It’s important to build your daily routine around that. Make sure you aren’t staying up too late, if you get up early in the morning. You know this. It’s just a matter of putting it into practice.


You’ll also become better equipped to handle any stress or anxiety that may come your way throughout the day.


And, hey, naps are a good thing. If you can’t achieve those 7-9 hours each night, consider incorporating a nap sometime during the day. Naps are a great energy booster!


2 | Short, High Intense Workouts


I know, this seems to pop up on every actionable list I provide you. You know why?


Because it Freakin’ Works!


Not only will these short, high intense workouts help you burn body fat and build lean muscle mass – they’ll also boost your energy levels.


To some, it may sound counterproductive.


Working out is supposed to make you tired, right?




You get that blood flowing. You get those muscles building. You get that heart racing.


These are all things that boost your overall energy levels. You can create great stamina and enhance your mood.


You’ll also boost your body’s glutathione levels (we discussed the importance of this here) and increase your cognitive abilities.


Short, high intense workouts are the way to go over any BS, long drawn out cardio session. It’s even better than any of those bootcamp style workouts.


Lift heavy shit. Run short, intense sprints. Push those intensity levels as close to 100% as possible. When you can no longer give 100%, that’s when you stop, rest for 15-30 seconds and then do it again.


3 | Eat More Real, Wholesome Foods


Another one that is mentioned all the time around here at Burn Off Your Beer Belly.


But, again, this is because it really does work. This is why our tag line is ‘Be Healthy. Boost Energy. Beat Cravings. Burn Belly Fat.’


Simple, direct and to the point. Eating real wholesome foods will help you achieve all these things.


Ditch those processed foods. Ditch those sugars. Ditch those processed carbs. Ditch those grains.


Strive for more improved, real food choices.


My energy levels, since incorporating more real wholesome foods into my diet, have been crazy good.


Never tired. Never exhausted. Never lazy.


This stuff works, give it a try.


4 | Stay Hydrated


Dehydration can absolutely drain your energy levels. Plus, it can make you sick and there’s a whole host of debilitating effects that can come from dehydration.


Drink water.


But, you also don’t want to go overboard on this one. Drinking too much water is not good for you either.


Find that balance and stick to it.


You may want to consider adding a pinch of pink himalayan sea salt to your water. This will help releive stress and anxiety. And, you guessed it! Give you a little kick in the butt to boost those energy levels.


Here’s the pink himalayan sea salt I add to my workplace water jug every morning. ——>


5 | Drink More Coffee


You know I’m NOT talking Starbucks here or the typical morning coffee drink with sugar and processed, chemical laden creamer.


I’m talking good, quality coffee – we enjoy Caveman Coffee or if you like to have your brain firing on all cylinders, try Kimera Koffee. Kimera is infused with nootropics. These are cognitive enhancing supplements.


After brewing your coffee, it’s not time to drink it yet. For the best possible energy boosting effects from your coffee, you’ll need to pour that coffee into a glass jar blender.


Then add Kerrygold UN-salted butter from grass-fed cows and MCT oil. Blend all that up, then you can enjoy your tasty brew.


You’ll have alert, focused energy to get you through the day with no late afternoon crash.


6 | Vitamins & Supplementation


Some of the key vitamins or supplements for increased energy are vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin K2, magnesium and krill oil or fish oil.


I don’t want to tell you how you should or if you should take vitamins and supplements, but if you’re going to take anything – I highly recommend those few.


The vast majority of people do not get enough of these energy boosting vitamins, nutrients and fatty oils in their everyday lives.


And, if you’re having trouble with number 1, in this list of ways to boost your energy, consider taking your magnesium supplement from NOW Sports. It’s called ZMA. This stuff does wonders for sleep and recovery.


7 | Stimulate Your Mind


Listen to introspective podcasts. Listen to audiobooks about a subject you want to learn more about. Listen to our podcast, ha! we’ll stimulate your brain and help you burn belly fat!


Do things that make you use your noggin’. Think. Be clever. Write. Read. There’s so many things to choose from in this world of abundance we now live in.


So much technology that can help stimulate your mind. So much to help you build your creativity. Personalize this journey, get your brain working and this will boost your energy levels for sure.


So, there you have it.


Those are the 7 ways to boost your energy the healthy way.


I do have two more quick bonus ways to boost your energy and they kind of go hand-in-hand. That’s yoga and meditation.


Yoga goes in line with the workouts in number 2, but I felt it didn’t really fit into the realm of intensity. It’s still a great exercise though.


And, they both help to stimulate your mind – like in number 7.


So, I thought I’d mention them as bonus items.


Grab your yoga mat today and become a yogi to boost your energy!


Did I miss any? If you’ve found bonus ways to boost your own energy, we’d love to hear about them. Drop ‘em in the comments below.



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