Here’s The Burnin’ Truth On Why Your Belly Fat Refuses To Burn Away (It’s Not All That Beer You Drink)

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You know your way around the internet. You’ve scoured all the blogs, articles and even some online programs to burn belly fat.


You’ve put in the effort.


You’ve followed their rules.


You’ve restricted yourself.


For some reason, though, you can’t seem to burn away that last little bit (or big bit) of belly fat.


Why is this?


Today, you’ll discover the burnin’ truth on why your belly fat refuses to burn away, and it’s not all that beer you drink.


What You’re Doing Doesn’t Work


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Let me guess what your basic, overall routine is to burn belly fat…


You’ve started counting and tracking your calories in an effort to severely restrict them.


You’ve bumped up your cardio. You’re either running long distances outside or on a stationary treadmill. You’re probably doing this 3 – 5 times a week.


You’ve gotten a trainer who’s having you do strenuous bootcamp style workouts. The trainer can seem mean at times and they’re very ‘In Your Face!’


You’ve started doing as many sit-ups or crunches as you possibly can on a daily basis.


You’ve quit drinking beer or you say things like “I can’t drink beer tonight because I’m trying to lose weight”.


You’ve increased your carbohydrate intake to provide for the energy you need to keep running those long distances and doing those strenuous workouts.


And these final two guesses, I really hope are NOT true about your current belly fat burning routine…


You’ve started taking ‘diet pills’ or ‘weight loss pills’ or ‘belly fat blaster pills’.


You’ve handed over a large amount of $CASH$ to one of those medical weight loss clinics. (an example of one would be Red Mountain Weight Loss, out here in the desert of Phoenix, AZ)


Am I right with any of those guesses?


Am I at least pretty close?


Whether I’m right or wrong with my guesses, incorporating those ways to burn belly fat, do NOT work.


This Is Simple, Right?


Burning belly fat is a pretty simple process. What I mean is, it’s easy to understand.


Basically you want to decrease your overall body fat percentage.


And, you want to get strategic about your diet, fitness training and supplementation.


Easy enough to understand, right?


The hard part comes in when trying to implement this process.


Where do you start?


How do you do it?


It all comes down to gut health, hormone balance, nutrient diversity, intense strength training and being mindfully positive.


But, again, what’s the best way to lose belly fat that refuses to burn away?


Here’s 5 Ways To Lose That Last Bit Of Belly Fat Faster


1 | Remove All Processed Foods, Carbohydrates, Grains, Sugar And Whole Grains From Your Morning Routine.


All those foods are recognized as sugar by your body. This will spike your insulin levels.


And since you’ve essentially been in an overnight fast, this spike will shock your system.


If you’re looking to burn belly fat, you never want to spike your insulin levels in the morning. Instead, swap in healthy fats and quality protein.


Bacon, eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed butter, avocados, MCT Oil…etc.


This will effectively put you into fat burning mode for the day.


2 Pay Attention To How Your Body Responds To Different Foods


This is how you build a healthy relationship with food.


This is how you take control of your own health.


You do different self studies and experiments, then you pay attention to your body.


Take note of how your body responds. For example, does the food in question cause a little bit of stomach pain? Maybe the food in question gives you a bump in energy? Or the food in question makes you run immediately to the bathroom?


This is all necessary information. It’s your body telling you what it needs, what it wants, what it desires.


Pay attention. Learn from it. And evolve your diet around it.


3 Step Up Your Intensity Levels When Working Out


The more intense.. not strenuous, your workouts are the better you’ll burn belly fat.


Intense sprints. Intense strength training. Intense kettlebells.


This is how you get trim, fit and lean as quickly as possible.


4 Optimize Your Carbohydrate Intake


We discussed this in detail on our podcast episode number 5.


But, essentially you would want to eliminate carbs in the morning, combine eating a healthy fat with your carbs and eat them later in the day or after an intense workout.


Carbs are necessary for fat loss. It’s only a matter of how, when and why you eat them.


5 Attitude – Positivity, Consistency, Persistency And Perseverance


Attitude can play a major role in your fat burning abilities. Staying positive throughout the process can really boost those dopamine and serotonin levels.


And then, of course, staying consistent and persistent will lead you toward having that perseverance to get you through any adversity that may arise.


Your attitude during this process will be one of the keys to keeping your hormones in check.


Healthy, balanced hormones equals happier, healthier you.


Here’s a quick bonus tip for burning belly fat faster. (be careful, as this is not for everyone)


Bonus Tip  Consider Incorporating Intermittent Fasting


This study shows that fasting can cause increased blood flow to your belly. One of the main reasons for your excess belly fat sticking around is because of decreased blood flow in that area.


It’s true that this study was a 72 hour fast but you can still boost your belly fat burning results with intermittent fasting.


Again, I must warn that intermittent fasting is NOT for everyone. If you train too hard while intermittent fasting, you could experience debilitating effects.


Just relax and do some short experiments with it. You may be surprised by the benefits you receive.


In conclusion, belly fat loss is a process and it really involves the whole body. By focusing on the simple, key steps outlined here, you should be well on your way to burning belly fat faster than ever.


I hope this clears up all the noise you find around the interwebs on burning belly fat.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.



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