For Incredible Fat Loss, Workouts Should Be Short & Intense, Not Long & Strenuous

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I know you’re looking to achieve ultimate fat loss results.


Plugging away on your stationary treadmill, running long marathons and doing strenuous hardcore workouts won’t give you the desired results you’re looking for.


How would you like to maximize your fat burning potential? Today I’m going to show you why, if you’re looking for incredible fat loss, your workouts should be short & intense, not long & strenuous.


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Now, let’s get into why your workouts should be short & intense – especially if you’re looking for incredible fat loss.




If you’re looking to burn belly fat, workouts should be short & intense, not long & strenuous. Always short, intense, powerful bursts of explosive energy. Or, if they’re going to be long workouts, they should be very low intensity – like walking.


2nd only to eating real wholesome foods, these short intense exercises will help you burn belly fat. 


The mainstream advice is that long, drawn out cardio workouts and bootcamp challenges are the best fat burning exercises. They usually go so far as to say that they’re better at burning fat than your diet.


They’re wrong on both statements.


I’ve already discussed at length about how taking an unconventional, yet sensible ‘UN-dieting’ approach to real food is the key to burning belly fat.


But, why are short, intense, powerful workouts better at burning belly fat than long, strenuous workouts?


Great question.




The problem with long, strenuous workouts is that they tend to decrease your muscle mass along with the weight loss they create.


Say you’re running a long marathon or even trudging away on your stationary treadmill for an hour. What do you think your intensity level will be at? 20%? 40%? 60%?


Could you give 100% intensity for a full hour on that treadmill? What about 100% for however long it takes to run the marathon?


I couldn’t. Nor would I want to.


Years ago, when I used to think I had to run long distances to burn fat and stay healthy, I would probably give 30-40% intensity for most of the running. I’d work in some intense moments, but after giving 40% for such a long time, my intense moments were probably only 70%… maybe even less.


This isn’t even taking into account all the damage I was doing to my body.


The key is to shoot for quality here, not quantity. If you could give 100% intensity levels during a few short sprints, this would go so much further toward helping you burn belly fat than all that marathon nonsense. The best cardio for healthy weight loss is definitely short, intense sprints.


Since you can give this 100% intensity level during short sprints, it also makes it the best cardio for burning fat.


Now, maybe you hate running altogether. That’s not a problem. I’m no longer a fan of running either. Although I do run short sprints on occasion.


You can give 100% intensity levels toward any activity you feel inspired to do. If you like strength training, lift something heavy only a couple times. (be sure to use correct form, injury is still possible during short, intense workouts)


You should also think of the 80/20 rule for fat burning. Basically about 80% of your fat burning results are going to come from what you are putting into your body. You know, the foods, the vitamins, the supplements, the drinks – all of it.


And the other 20% of your fat burning results are going to come from your activity level. So, if you didn’t make it to the gym today – it’s most definitely not the end of the world. Snuggle up on the couch and eat an avocado!


Or you can implement the Bonus Guide – 3 short, intense workouts – provided at the end of this article.


Focus more on real wholesome foods and when you do focus on your fitness activity keep it short and intense. Both of these things will help keep your hormones out of Wacky World.




The goal is to increase your fat burning hormonal production. These short, intense workouts will do just that. Once these hormones are produced, your metabolism will be increased.


This is the perfect environment for belly fat burning to occur.


Or, you could keep pleasing the fat storing hormones. They thrive off your repeated, long, strenuous, bootcamp, marathon running, conventional BS.


This is exactly why your 1 hour a day on the treadmill is NOT working.


You Already Know This


Why do you keep running marathons or on your treadmill everyday, when you know it’s not the key to burning belly fat and increasing lean muscle growth? (Although, it is possible to optimize your use of an elliptical machine for intensity and incredible fat loss. It’s in your Free Bonus Guide below…)


You know, because you aren’t experiencing the results you were hoping for.


How do I know you already know this?


Let’s do a quick thought experiment…


Picture in your mind what the typical, top level marathoner’s body looks like.


Now, picture in your mind what the typical, high level sprinter’s body looks like.


Would you like to be a ghostly, looking skin and bones with inflammation throughout your body – especially your legs and feet?


Or, would you like to burn body fat and increase lean muscle mass?


I’ve got my answer. Keep your workouts short and intense – your whole body will thank you for it.


As promised, I wanted to give you a Free Bonus Guide. This guide contains 3 Short, Easy-To-Implement, Intense Workouts That Create Incredible Fat Loss:


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