Fat Loss VS. Weight Loss: Which Is The Healthier Result?

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Belly Burnin’ Nation, What Is Up?!


Let’s say you wanted to join a program to get healthier.


Would you look for a program that promises weight loss or one that promises fat loss? Which would provide you with the healthier result?


If you’re like most of the mainstream public, you’re more likely to choose one promising weight loss. People are so concerned about those numbers that pop up when you step on the scale.


“Woohooo! I lost 7lbs this week!”


“Oh shit, I’ve gained 9lbs since the beginning of the month.”


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Weight Loss


But, weight loss doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being a healthier person. Maybe the person who lost 7lbs in a week dodged necessary nutrient intake. You know, severely cut their calories.


They’re happy they lost 7lbs, but what have they done to their gut health? What have they done to their hormones? What have they done to their mental function? How do they feel overall?


Severely cutting those calories and doing long, strenuous workouts or cardio will definitely cause you to lose weight, but they’ll also cause you to lose muscle mass. Plus, you’ll be severely deficient in many of your essential vitamins & nutrients.


So, when you’re talking weight loss – you need to make a distinction about the weight loss. Are you achieving this weight loss by healthy means? That’s MOST important.


Fat Loss


Maybe the person who gained 9lbs since the beginning of the month has been eating real foods, getting plenty of healthy fats, loading up on essential nutrients, burning fat and building lean muscle.


All that added muscle is going to tack on a few here and there, but when they look in the mirror – you think they might be a little impressed by what they see?


They should look and feel better too. I mean, their gut health will be superb, their hormones are staying out of Wacky World, their energy levels are on point and their immune system will be powerful, keeping sickness and disease at bay.


You should always prefer a fat loss program. You can sign up to take our free belly fat burning course here:

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In these examples, of course we would say the person who gained weight is more healthy, because they also burned fat. Sure, this is not always the case. I’m only talking in generalities here and trying to get you to question what you read, or see, a little further in order to get the full picture.


Playing The Game


A lot of these mainstream or conventional diets promise to deliver incredible weight loss. They use photo-shopped images to falsely represent the transformations that can happen, they put a high number in huge letters expressing the amount of pounds you could lose, overall they use some shady techniques.


It’s all a game. And on some levels, I’m forced to play that very same game.


The difference?


I’m open and honest about it.


I do talk a lot about how I was able to lose 54lbs. I have, before and after, images of myself, in 2010 and now. (not photo-shopped!) I still step on the scale almost every morning. (it’s more as a gauge, so I get a better understanding of how certain foods affect my weight)


How else am I supposed to break through all the BS on the interwebs? I have to play their game to a certain extent. But, I make no promises of certain weight loss. I give you advice, suggestions and recommendations that will best set your body up for burning belly fat as safely as possible.




So I play their game to reach more eyeballs and ears. After that, I no longer play the game. Instead, I make a commitment to help you burn off your beer belly with personalized support to meet your individual needs.


We promote taking a more sensible, ‘UN-dieting’ approach to real food nutrition and doing functional fitness. Replace long, strenuous cardio workouts with short, intense training or sprinting. This will help you burn belly fat and increase lean muscle mass.


If you still prefer to follow their empty promises, I’ll be here. Once they’ve failed you again.. We welcome you while holding no grudges.


Make the mirror your scale. Forget long, unnecessary cardio. Lose less weight, look & feel better. Burn more fat.



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  • This post is an eye opener. I think we just found the term I’m looking for. Diet programs shouldn’t be labelled as weight loss, but it should be fat loss. We’re being enslaved by what the scale is telling us that we simply rely on it and ignore listening to our own body’s wellness.

    • For sure!

      Yeah, weight loss could mean a lot of unhealthy things too, like, nutrient deficiencies.

      Not so much for fat loss. We should all be striving for ultimate health & wellness by way of burning off body fat.

      Let that mirror be your scale, Roxanne! You got it!


      • Indeed, Ryan! I have some of my friends who got depressed because they couldn’t lose any weight but when I tried to ask them what they feel about it, they said like they’re feeling energetic and more productive! It got me thinking that maybe didn’t lose any weight, but they lose fats and gain more muscle! And I noticed their body became leaner and more beautiful than ever! From that moment on they became my inspiration to pursue weight loss and ignore what the scale is telling me! You’re absolutely right! Our mirror is our new scale! 😀