Eliminating Your Belly Fat Is About Improvement And Persistence, Not Perfection

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When it comes to eating real wholesome foods, as much as I’d like to say that I’m perfect…


I’m not.


You’re probably not either. But, guess what?


That’s good.


Eliminating your belly fat is about improvement and persistence, not perfection.


Perfection Is Unhealthy


If someone was absolutely perfect about eating healthy, they would have to be highly obsessive. This obsessive behavior, to always make sure you don’t touch a single processed food, sugar, bad carb or grain, is actually UNhealthy.


It’s like an eating disorder and has a name.


Orthorexia Nervosa.


Those that have entered orthorexic territory eventually become so restrictive that the obsession starts to crowd out other activities and interests, it impairs their relationships, it creates anxiety, it can cause bouts of depression and can even become physically dangerous.


They may look good on the outside, but on the inside, there’s some crazy shit going on.


Where Did Orthorexia Nervosa Come From?


In 1996, Steven Bratman, MD coined the term and began using it to diagnose his patients who were overly health-obsessed. Over time, he realized this term was identifying a true eating problem.


Although, it’s never officially been recognized as an eating disorder, it’s still very similar.


The crazy thing about orthorexia is that it’s motivated by something very good for you. The motivation is health and wellness. But, it then become a compulsion. An escape from reality. A desire to be incredibly thin. An identity created through food. An unrelinquishing obsession.




Are You Taking It Too Far?


I assume you enjoy eating healthy. At least, unconventionally healthy – as we talk about, around these parts.


So, how are you to know if you may be flirting with orthorexia?


Here’s 3 general questions you may want to ask yourself (if you answer yes to them, you may want to investigate further with yourself):


1 | Do relationships, fun activities, creative endeavors and family needs take a back seat to following the perfect diet or food lifestyle?


2 | Do you blame yourself, feel guilty or experience great shame if you stray from your diet or food lifestyle?


3 | Do you track, monitor and calculate everything you ever eat?


The problem usually becomes apparent in social settings. Orthorexics may be socially isolated, often because they plan their social life around their specific food lifestyle.


They don’t have room in life for anything other than thinking about and planning their food intake.


Orthorexics lose the ability to eat intuitively – to know when they are hungry, how much they need, and when they are full. Instead of eating naturally they are destined to keep “falling off the wagon”, resulting in a feeling of failure.


The Burn Off Your Beer Belly Way


This is why we always say we don’t want you to be perfect. It’s more about improving your food choices, but you still want to leave room for indulging. I don’t think I could ever be called orthorexic as I drink so many carb-loaded craft beers.


It’s a sensible, UN-dieting approach we promote. It’s shifting to a healthier mindset, not an obsessive one.


Again, it’s back to having an overall healthy relationship with food. When you take healthy eating to the extreme, you do NOT have a healthy relationship with food.


Enjoy your feasts. Celebrate them.


You can’t enjoy your feasts when you’re obsessing over the glycemic load of those delicious mashed potatoes.


Eat the potatoes. Load them up with some delicious gravy.


And move on. Just don’t make a habit out of it.


Improve your food choices, next time.


Stress and depression, from this desire to be perfect, can get your hormones thrown into wacky world. Once that happens, you’ll surely be fighting off urges, cravings, dependencies and addictions on a daily basis.


The stress would compound upon itself. This would drive you toward deeper depression and anxiety.


Until, finally. One day. You’ll break.


Nobody’s perfect.


Improvement And Persistence Are The Keys To Success


Eliminating your belly fat is about improvement and persistence, not perfection.


Learn more on how to make these improvements and get persistent about eliminating belly fat, grab your Free Fat Burning ToolKit here:


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It’s a process. Once you start improving your food choices, you may still notice some of them cause cravings, mood swings or digestive issues, while they don’t cause those things for your significant other. That’s because you are unique, your body is different from other people.


Your body is giving you valuable information, learn from it. Try real foods that are similar to the ones that give you issues. It’s trial and error. This persistence will allow you to gain a greater understanding of how your body works.


Eventually you’ll be eating the foods that make you feel amazing, squash your cravings and cause your belly fat to disappear. 


But remember to indulge from time to time. It’s not a cause for concern. You haven’t failed.


Begin by making a few changes for the better and see how you feel.


We want to help you create an environment within your body best suited for fat burning. But, we want you to relax and enjoy life too.


Not to be obsessive about it.


If we can’t help you do that, then WE are the failures, not you. We’ll take full responsibility, as long as you have committed to us like we’ve committed to you.



We have a persistent, burnin’ desire to help beer drinkers be healthy, boost energy, beat cravings and burn belly fat, without giving up the things they enjoy.


Stick with it. Stick with us. And let’s burn through it!


Take this simple, principled approach..


Eat more of the foods that make you strong.


Eat less of the foods that make you weak, fatigued or that you’re sensitive to.


Make sure you get a lot of natural vitamins & supplements along the way.


It’s such an easy approach that does NOT cause obsessive behavior, striving for perfection or orthorexia.


A Little Different


I wanna try something a little different in the comment section for this article. It’s time to expose yourself. Tell us your story of imperfection. An epic time where you gorged yourself on a full box of girl scout cookies. Or a ridiculous fast food feast.


Here’s mine…




One Single Night.


Pizza Hut.


Large Stuffed Crust Sausage, Onion & Green Pepper.


Cheese Sticks.


Chicken Wings.


ALL of it.




Cheers to ya!

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