Burn Off Your Beer Belly Is For Women Too!

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Often when people refer to beer bellies, they’re talking about men.


Not so fast.


Women can have a beer belly as well.


As we’ve discussed many times before, beer isn’t necessarily what causes a beer belly. It’s usually processed foods, whole grains and ‘bad’ carbohydrates. Or more specifically, not optimizing your intake of these things versus real wholesome foods.


You know, not working toward making improved real food choices. If you’re a woman that is not improving your real food choices or you’re eating a high carb, high grain diet in the morning – you might have a beer belly. You certainly aren’t creating an environment within your body ideal for belly fat burning.


In this sense, Burn Off Your Beer Belly is for women too!


A Woman’s Excess Belly Fat


Women could have excess belly fat after pregnancy, from an unhealthy gut or wacky hormones. A woman’s hormones are significantly different than a mans. This means it could be more difficult to break their hormones free from wacky world.


In fact, you could say the whole Burn Off Your Beer Belly mission appeals more to a woman than a man. A woman who enjoys delicious craft beers, that is.


Why is this? While it is obviously not true in all cases, women generally have a higher percentage of belly fat than men.


Reasons for this include that it’s biological & hormonal. Female hormones cause more fat storage in the body.


And, we often talk about it – when fat is being stored in the body, it’s being stored in the belly, booty and thighs.


It appears that women have been dealt the seven, duece in the poker game of life. Estrogen alone will cause increased storage of fat. This means women need to be extra mindful when taking birth control.


For proof of this, you only need to look at a man who has a beer belly. Frequently, men who have excess belly fat also have increased levels of estrogen.


It’s important to point out that if you have a beer belly, then your hormones are probably locked up in wacky world. Man or woman. And no amount of running on that stationary treadmill, cutting calories or taking ‘diet’ pills is going to break them free.


It begins with what you’re putting into your body. The foods, drinks, vitamins and supplements. They have to be real, natural and loaded with healthy fats.


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As for the best way to burn off your beer belly if you’re a woman, it’s basically the same as for a man. You may have to be a little more persistent & consistent than a man has to be, but the key is still the same – what you put into your body.


It’s not running marathons, it’s not entering different bootcamp style challenges, it’s not doing strenuous workouts, it’s not relentless cardio. If you’re looking for serious results, these things are mostly unnecessary.


Sure, you should be incorporating some functional fitness into your belly burning plan – but it’s certainly not the most important.


Plus, you could cause injury, leaving you couch surfing, stressed and depressed. That’s an environment perfect for keeping your hormones in wacky world, increasing your cravings and growing your beer belly.


80% of your results are going to come from eating real foods and the other 20% from your functional fitness or movement. The math is pretty simple. I know what I should be spending the majority of my efforts on, do you?


Stress For Women


Women tend to have different and more intense stressors in their life. There’s a reason women who are stressed crave sweet, fatty and salty processed foods, like potato chips – it’s called adrenal exhaustion. You shouldn’t ignore these cravings or even try to fight through them.


Your body is telling you something important. Your adrenal glands produce a hormone that balances sodium and potassium levels. So when you are stressed, consuming salt will help to reduce the burden being placed on your adrenals. It’s time to listen to your body and feed it salt.


The correct salt.


Add pink himalayan sea salt to almost everything you eat. Even add a teaspoon to the water you drink. And whenever you get those cravings, consider eating a healthy fattening avocado, seasoned with himalayan sea salt. If you feed your cravings the avocado, you’ll have a jump start toward burning belly fat.


Fat Burning Breakfast For Women


Our recommended breakfast for women is basically the same as for a man. Maybe a little more protein than for a man but the idea is still the same. And women tend to be more sensitive and have more inflammatory responses to carbohydrates than men.


You don’t want to be eating bagels, waffles, doughnuts or anything else in that same vain. All those conventional breakfast foods will harm your gut. You also don’t want to completely cut carbs out, only bad carbs. Eating sweet potatoes, white rice or dark green vegetables occasionally will provide you with the carb intake you need.


You shouldn’t be eating those things for breakfast though.


Your breakfast should consist of healthy fats and protein. We recommend two cups of coffee with Kerrygold grass-fed butter & MCT oil blended in. Along with a pastured egg, bacon and natural pork or grass-fed beef sausage. Mix and match as you please.


Most importantly, remember – fat does NOT make you fat.


But, you also don’t want to commit to one way of doing things every single day. You’ve got to mix it up, add a little variety to your life.


Nutrient diversity through variety.


I’m A Man, Therefore I’m Wrong


My girlfriend likes to tell me I’m wrong. *Usually*, later I’m proven to be right.


Ladies, what say you?


Tell me why I’m wrong in that comment section below.


Cheers! And have a peaceful day.

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