BONUS 9 | Q & A Post Workout Snacks, Are Blueberries In The Morning Too Many Carbs? Sugar & Carbs Effect On Body Fat, What Is Ketosis? Plus So Much More…

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Always Satisfying Q’s With A’s!


On today’s bonus podcast episode, you’ll discover some great post workout snacks, if blueberries are too many carbs for the morning, how sugar and carbs effect your body fat, plus so much more.


We finally dive in and figure out what ketosis is, exactly.


Here’s a few questions we answer on the podcast:


—  Do you have any suggestions for a good post workout snack?


—  I’m hearing from your podcast to limit carbs to nighttime, and I wonder if  blueberries are a problem in the morning. If so, any ideas what else I can use?


—  What is ketosis? What is going on with a ketogenic diet?


—  When should I take activated charcoal so it is effective in preventing a hangover?


—  What do you think of Dave Asprey?


—  What is the best quality sausage?


Here’s some benefits of being in ketosis:


1 | Fat loss


2 | Endurance enhancement


3 | Blood sugar balance


4 | Boosted energy levels


5 | Decreased cravings


6 | Alleviates migraine headaches


7 | Improved mood


8 | Stroke prevention


9 | Improves cognitive function which helps with seizure disorders, ADHD, alzheimer’s, MS, parkinson’s and memory


10 | Reduces inflammation


11 | Improved behavior or even autism treatment


12 | Enhanced blood flow


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