BONUS 1 | Here Are 5 Ways To Enjoy Beer Without Storing Belly Fat

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How About A Burnin’ BONUS Episode?!


A BONUS episode just for you! We give you 5 quick & easy ways to enjoy beer without storing belly fat.


  1. Don’t Drink Beer For Breakfast
  2. Drink Beer After A Short, Intense Strength Training Workout or Later In The Day
  3. Eat A High Healthy Fat Meal With Your Beer
  4. Enjoy Lower Carb Containing Craft Beers
  5. Drink Coffee The Next Morning Blended With Grass Fed Butter & MCT Oil


We’re doing a little something different. Every so often we’ll release a bonus episode, if it’s something you would enjoy. These won’t be numbered in the typical manner and they won’t be released on any one particular day.


Basically, if we feel inspired to give you some free bonus content then we’ll hop on the mics and burn ’em up!


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