Bacon, Red Meat And The Old News Cancer Craze

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I know. It’s November.


This bacon and red meat news came out toward the end of October.


Really this whole bacon, red meat and the old news cancer craze has all happened before. This news is dropped every so often. It’s really not new news.


That’s why it doesn’t really matter that we’re about a month late in talking about it. I wanted to let the crazy dust settle on it first anyways.


But I did want to give you Burn Off Your Beer Belly’s two cents on the issue. Mostly because we are lovers of bacon and even some other processed red meats, like grass-fed beef hot dogs. Along with other non-processed red meat like a juicy grass-fed beef steak.


So, what are we doing here? Are we pushing cancer causing food on you to burn belly fat? Are we the devil in disguise?


No. Of course not.


We’re legitimately here to help.


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Let’s dive into this particular study, shall we?


WHO Shocked The Bacon World


People who enjoy eating bacon were pretty shocked when this study came out. This is mostly due to all these news organizations sensationalizing the findings.


So, it was WHO (World Health Organization) that released this study. But I’ve still not been able to find the actual published study. There’s various sites talking about the study, but where’s the study?


Is this it? —–>


Or maybe this. —–>


Here’s decent coverage of the study by NPR. —–>


But, really none of these are the ACTUAL study. So we’re just going to go off of what we have. If you know where this study is actually published please provide a link in the comment section below. Thank you so much!


Either way, I don’t believe it to be as simple as “bacon causes cancer” or “red meat causes cancer”.


It can’t be.


I don’t say this to de-legitimize the study. It’s only an observation. I need more info from WHO.


Let me also say that anything can cause serious damage to your body, health and even cause death if you ingest too much of it.


Water, for example, is something you don’t want to overdo – you could literally drown yourself. Water gives you life. Water can also give you death. Because of this you shouldn’t stop drinking water. That’s ludicrous.


Anyways, basically this study says that specifically processed red meat causes colon cancer. Think, beef jerky or bacon. The study has classified these processed red meats as Group 1 carcinogens. Regular, non-processed red meat (steak) is Group 2A carcinogen.


They say Group 1 is definitely carcinogenic and Group 2A could be carcinogenic.


The Numbers


Now, I’ve seen varying percentages and numbers around the internet. Once again, it would be nice to have a link to the actual published study. But, we’ll go with the highest percentage I’ve seen, which is 18%.


WHO says that eating bacon or processed red meat everyday will give you an 18% increase of your risk for colon cancer.


While that number may sound pretty significant, we need to remember this is only a relative risk. Basically, the risk is relative to the absolute risk.


The absolute risk of getting colon cancer is about 2%, this is at it’s highest for about a 50 year old male. This is also barring other outside influences. When you are increasing an absolute risk of 2% to a relative risk of 18% it’s not really all that much.


Don’t get it twisted though. Once again I’m not de-legitimizing the study. It’s still a definite increase in risk and we have to take it seriously. There are plenty of other things going on with this study that make it hard to take seriously. We’ll get to those.


It’s just important to understand what they’re actually saying with these numbers they’re throwing around.


My Real Beef (Grass-Fed Beef) With WHO


This study didn’t account for the quality of the red meat. I mean, what are we talking about? Red meat from big factory farms? Are we talking about big corporate, commercial meat selling locations?


The quality of the red meat is a VERY important distinction that has to be made and it wasn’t. If you’re getting your red meat from a local farmer, a butcher or even a local farmer’s market, it’s probably going to be of better quality than the red meat you buy at Walmart or some other huge grocery chain.


And, come on!? What the hell?! Was the red meat they studied grain-fed? Was it corn-fed? Was it grass-fed?


These different types of red meat have VERY different effects on your body and your overall health. Just coming out and blatantly saying that eating red meat increases your risk of cancer is not saying much.


What kind of red meat? Tell me.


This is what you tend to get from these big government agencies. Such a thorough study they did here. It’s really not providing much help if they don’t differentiate on the quality of the meat.


This makes it hard to take their overall study seriously.


They do this all the time though. They come out saying all these different foods are bad for you, they cause heart disease, they cause diabetes, they raise your cholesterol or give you high blood pressure…or whatever else they say.


Always, without talking about the quality of the source.


I mean, salt is a good example of this. They say salt is horrible for you, makes you fat, raises cholesterol, increases blood pressure – all that jazz.


But not so fast there government.


Of course, regular table salt or salt you find in processed garbage boxed food is probably not so good for you.


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt though?


It’s actually pretty incredible for your overall health. It can be a hangover cure and I add a little bit to my glass of water I drink every morning. It will absolutely reduce your adrenal gland stress. It will absolutely give you a slight spark to your energy levels. It will absolutely reduce whole body stress.


Once again, quality of the source.


It’s always important to pay attention to what is being left out of these governmental studies. Be mindful of it, don’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon of some new study.


This week’s study says only egg whites are good for you, so then you only eat egg whites.




Now you’re missing out on all the benefits of the yolk. Plus, are those egg whites you’re eating from pastured, cage-free chicks? It’s pretty important to know.


Lab Coats


You know what? This study wasn’t even a controlled study. It wasn’t done in some lab where the monitors are paying close attention to the subjects behaviors throughout the day.


I mean, what other things were these study participants eating? Do any of them smoke cigarettes? Do any of them drink alcohol? You have no idea. I have no idea. Even WHO has no idea. This was a freakin’ survey study!


Did the study participants answer the questions truthfully?


There’s a lot of other variables not addressed in this study. There most certainly could have been other outside influences to this increased cancer risk.


I’m not saying there were. I’m only saying there COULD have been. Who knows?! Definitely not WHO.


There’s a lot of WHO’s on first type of jokes that could be had with this whole study.


More To Think About


What is your daily intake of red meat? Once again, too much of even a good thing can be bad for you. As I said, you need to drink water to live. You drink too much, you die.


That’s why we always stress variety at Burn Off Your Beer Belly. It’s about nutrient diversity through variety.


You can eat your bacon every morning but make sure sometime during the day you’re eating some veggies and/or a little bit of fruit. You know, mix it up.


Don’t rely on red meat for every meal. You want to have some balance. Some variety. Everything in moderation. Everything!


Another thing to note, all you crispy bacon lovers. It’s important to NOT burn your bacon. Don’t burn your red meats. Don’t char your steak. NO crispy bacon.


This is another thing they don’t address within this study. Burning your red meat can significantly increase those carcinogens.


You want to slow cook your red meat over low heat. And don’t let it burn. Keep it a little pink inside. Plus, it’s so much more tasty this way. Tasty and juicy, mmmmm.


You could also eat something like broccoli, really any cruciferous veggie, with your red meat to help counteract some of the carcinogens.


This Study Isn’t All Cut And Dry


It’s not as simple as WHO would like you to believe. It’s not ‘Processed Red Meat Increases Your Risk Of Colon Cancer’. It doesn’t begin or end with that statement. There are so many more variables.


And holy crap! What about sugar? What about smoking cigarettes? I know this study wasn’t doing any comparing, but hello? Where’s all the freaking out about sugar & cigarettes?


I guess I have seen some, but not to the extent I saw with this bacon study. Check those percentage increases of risk for cancer with sugar & cigarettes. I bet they blow that 18% out of the water!


Protect Yourself


If you’re still freaked out by this study or scared to ever eat bacon again, let me give you a few quick steps to help protect yourself from this red meat colon cancer.


Remember, these are still only in generalities. You could follow the best, most healthy diet ever and still somehow get cancer. This world is F’d up. Some people get shit-rolls of the dice. It’s not always blue skies, rainbows and flowers.


With that said, these steps should help to give you a better chance overall to stay healthy for the rest of your days on this planet.


—    Use a sugarless marinade like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on your red meat and eat veggies with it


—     Limit your intake – especially the processed kind like bacon or even grass-fed beef hot dogs. You know, don’t eat them all the time, mix it up, add variety. Nutrient diversity by way of variety.


—     Take probiotics and eat fermented foods like sauerkraut to keep your gut healthy so it can more easily breakdown the red meat.


—     Don’t burn, char or crisp your bacon – or any red meat for that matter.


—     Don’t smoke cigarettes while eating your bacon. Don’t smoke them at all.


—     Don’t eat sugar or at least limit it as much as possible.


And, always remember that you can overdo red meat, you can overdo meat in general, you can overdo water, you can overdo protein, you can overdo fat, you can easily overdo sugar, you can overdo anything!


Be mindful of this. Keep mixing it up and always be improving your overall food choices. Start moving toward mostly real foods and you’ll help to keep health concerns at bay.


You’ll also help to burn that belly fat!


Let me know why I’m wrong about this bacon study in the comment section below, or if you have an actual link to the study, it would be greatly appreciated.



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