August 29, 2015

The Academy

new favi imageThe Burn Off Your Beer Belly Program


Get healthy, lose weight, build lean muscle, prevent hangovers and burn off your beer belly.


Burn Off Your Beer Belly is the ultimate weight loss program for beer drinkers. It was designed to target excess belly fat, often called the beer belly. It’s the only online program that takes an unconventional, yet sensible approach to real-food nutrition and combines it with delicious beer-pairing. You’ll also discover how to become a fat-burning machine without obsessive calorie counting or strenuous workouts. Join this rapidly growing community of men & women beer drinkers, to finally burn off your beer belly…


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Belly burning course imageFree 7-Day Belly Fat Burning Course


Get healthy, lose weight and burn belly fat.


If you aren’t quite ready for the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Program, consider following this free 7 day video series on how to burn belly fat. These videos, plus free bonuses, will be emailed to you over 7 days. You’ll discover delicious foods that actually increase your metabolism. You’ll learn how to squash your food cravings and balance your hormones so you no longer feel lazy or tired. And most importantly, get started burning belly fat. Did we mention it’s Free?!


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wellnessfx logo imagePersonalized Health Testing


Use simple & personalized lab testing provided by WellnessFX to discover problem areas, increase overall health and optimize your body for fat burning.


No longer are the days of having to schedule an appointment with your doctor and persuade him to order the blood tests you’re looking for. Using WellnessFX’s personalized dashboard, you’ll gain access to deep insights into your health & wellness. They also offer personalized consultations with licensed health practitioners based on your unique biomarkers. From women’s health to endurance training to weight loss, their practitioners will help you identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.


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avocado logo imageThe Belly Burnin’ Nation


Join many others in the Belly Burnin’ Nation, absolutely free.


You’ll be subscribed to the weekly email newsletter, where you’ll receive Burn Off Your Beer Belly news & updates. Also, receive nutritional advice and exclusive freebies & deals on awesome weight loss resources. As soon as you join, we’ll give you a free belly fat burning foods guide too!


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avoiding no back imageAvoiding Hangovers


Become hangover-free without giving up your favorite booze.


You’ll discover the most effective hangover prevention methods existing today. Using a powerful pre-drinking requisite will allow you to never wake up hungover again. You’ll find out which boozy drinks actually help you not get a hangover. Ever thought the infamous ‘hangover cure’ was only a myth? Avoiding Hangovers begs to differ.


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