7 | How To Break Your Addiction To Junk Food

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On Today’s Podcast Episode, Do You Have A Junk Food Addiction?


You’ll discover 6 action steps to take that will help you break your junk food addiction. You’ll learn what you think is an addiction, may only be a dependency.


What is the difference between addiction and dependency?


Just because something has addictive properties doesn’t mean you’ll be addicted as soon as you try it.


Here are your 6 action steps to take to help break your junk food addiction:


1 | Look For Ways To Naturally Increase Your Dopamine Levels


2 | Look For Ways To Naturally Increase Your Serotonin Levels


3 | Eat Real Wholesome Foods


4 | Don’t Do It Cold Turkey – Ease Your Way Into It, Always Be Improving


5 | Stay Focused On What You’re Actually Eating


6 | Reward Yourself On Occasion


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