7 Essential Concepts For Losing Belly Fat Without Giving Up Your Favorite Booze

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How great would it feel if you made one simple tweak to your lifestyle, and immediately started losing belly fat?


I know, ridiculous question. It would obviously feel amazing.


Now, what if there were 7 simple tweaks… each of which could have that same effect?


You’d stop reading this article right now, do a little dance, then take action on each one of them.




Right! Who doesn’t want to burn off excess belly fat?


Question is, what are those 7 simple tweaks? I call them the “essential concepts”.


But First, The Key to Unlock Your Fat Burning Potential


Smart beer drinkers who want to lose their beer belly, without giving up their beer, must drop the idea of obsessive calorie counting and mainstream dieting.


I always hear things like, “I’m struggling to lose the fat around my belly, I keep to under 1500 calories a day and workout bootcamp-style everyday. I stay away from fattening foods. I think I should be America’s Next Top Model by now! What the hell is wrong with me?!”


Guess what.


None of that obsessive BS is going to help you. It’s more likely hurting you. Your focus has been f*cked by the mainstream *conventional wisdom*.


That conventional wisdom should be called *complete and utter horseshit*.


Here’s some non-horseshit for ya..


If you’d like to be healthy, boost energy, beat cravings, banish hangovers and burn belly fat, grab your Free fat burning toolkit here:

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I may be biased though… after all, I run a website about simple fat loss for beer drinkers that uses proven unconventional methods to burn off your beer belly.


Understanding the essential concepts has worked for me and countless other beer drinkers I’ve worked with.


And despite what the “experts” say on other bogus “weight loss websites”, when it comes to losing weight and burning off belly fat, the obsessive calorie counting and mainstream dieting won’t do it.


And that’s why each of the following 7 essential concepts are so powerful.


Each concept is based off of proven fat burning principles that are engaging and fun to follow.


So, let’s burn through the 7 essential concepts for losing belly fat without giving up your favorite booze!


Essential Concept #1: Eat Real Wholesome Foods


Your body is biologically programmed to gain nourishment from these foods.


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Most likely you’ve been eating foods that increase inflammation, cause wacky hormone imbalance, screw with your gut biome, stress your mind & body out, destroy your immune system and eventually cause illness & disease.


The simple solution is to take a more unconventional, yet sensible ‘non-dieting’ approach to real food and all-natural vitamins & supplements. Your body was designed to eat this way, it will boost your metabolism and create optimum health & wellness.


Drop the calorie counting, mainstream diets, bullshit labels and harmful ‘diet’ pills. Instead, change what you’re putting into your body.


**The bullshit labels I’m talking about are ‘diet’, ‘lean’, ‘fat-free’ and ‘low-fat’**


Eating real wholesome foods — in combination with the other six essential concepts — is the key to losing belly fat. It’s not voodoo magic shit, it’s the way your body prefers to work when you put an end to all the BS.


Essential Concept #2: Correct Your Hormones


Bringing your hormones into balance will make it so much easier to quickly burn off your belly fat.


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Hormonal imbalances are one of the main causes of extra fat being stored in your mid section.


The sad truth about people is this:


People will push themselves to ridiculously stressful & strenuous lengths, in order to lose only a few pounds. (more obsessive behavior)


From a logical standpoint, it makes no sense.


As long as these people are providing their bodies with the wrong fuel, they’ll continue to see little to no results. And forget about keeping the fat off for the long term.


Their hormones have been thrown into wacky world. And pushing themselves so hardcore will only make it worse and add enormous amounts of stress to their body & mind.


Wacky World is the endless cycle of fueling your body with the wrong foods, trying to compensate by doing ridiculous workouts, getting poor recovery sleep, destroying your gut and living a stressful life.


Hormones control hunger, mood, activity level, mental function and metabolism.


When you disrupt this hormonal environment with processed foods, grains, sugar, whole grains and processed carbs – you get fat, stressed, anxious, upset, lazy and foggy up in your noggin’.


The sustainable solution is to repair your hormone balance. This is completely doable, but it takes persistence, consistency and patience.


Commit to the 7 essential concepts and you’ll maintain the perfect hormonal balance. You’ll burn off your beer belly in no time.


Essential Concept #3: Fix Your Gut


A slim belly and full body & mind health relies heavily on you having a healthy gut.



Are you aware that there are over 100 trillion (with a T) microbes in your gut? I like to refer to the gut as a second brain. The complex processes it’s constantly engaged in are almost on par with the brain. There are studies showing the two are synced up as well.


The gut is where everything happens first. You eat, then the gut breaks it down.


What are you feeding your gut?


Most people consume sugars, grains and processed foods. Your gut doesn’t like it when you eat those things. You’re damaging your gut and probably have no idea you’re doing it.


It’s incredibly important to feed your gut correctly. Have you ever had digestive issues? It’s your gut. Have you ever had trouble sleeping? It’s your gut. Do you have a beer belly? It’s your gut.


Have you ever had low energy, mood swings, diarrhea, constipation, allergies, trouble keeping weight off, emotional distress, inflammation and sickness?


Guess what.


It’s all most likely because of the BS you keep feeding your gut.


Once you fix your gut, you’ll improve your metabolism, increase immunity, reduce stress & inflammation, boost energy levels and most importantly start losing belly fat.


Essential Concept #4: Enjoy Your Fitness Routine


Create a workout routine you actually love doing. Ditch strenuous & stressful bootcamps.


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Over the last 10+ years of my life, I’ve been stuck in a cubicle job. I had to sit for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This is horrible on anyone’s body for so many reasons.


The way I originally thought to correct this horribleness was to join fitness bootcamps, run long distances and do extremely hardcore workouts.


All that accomplished was to create constant soreness in my feet & legs, stress me out, make me vehemently hate working out, cause me extreme guilt & shame when it would not produce the results I was looking for and promoted increased hunger along with belly fat storage.


The real solution was always there, I was too bull-headed and blind to see it. Simply start moving and enjoy what you do. If you ride that cubicle life, get up and move a little more.


It can’t be that simple, you say?


I’m serious. It is that simple as long as you’re nourishing your body with real food nutrition. You don’t want to tear yourself down, it’s time to build yourself up.


Doing activities you enjoy trumps any stupid fitness bootcamp, hands down! Go for a nature walk, play frisbee with your kids, swim in the pool, play ball with your dog, throw some kettlebells around or you can even do a boring low-impact workout, if that’s your thing.


That’s what’s great about this essential concept, you can do whatever you want, just make sure you’re moving and getting your blood pumping. But most importantly, enjoy it!


Essential Concept #5: Create A Healthy Habit


By taking a sensible approach to real food nutrition and functional workouts, you’ll pave the way toward your new healthy lifestyle.


Whenever we try to create healthy habits, the excuses to get around the habit seem to increase.


If the same thing happens to you, try setting one smaller, more direct goal. After you’ve set it, share it with someone – a close friend, your significant other… your cat. I don’t care.




By making the small goal more public, you’re likely to stay focused and get it done.


Now do it again. And again. And again.


Eventually you will have ingrained these smaller, more direct goals into your psyche.


Now couple this way of building habits with taking a sensible approach to real food and functional workouts. Soon, it’ll become second nature for you to grab that delicious avocado over that lame ass doughnut.


Essential Concept #6: Make The Unconventional Your Conventional


Other mainstream or conventional programs don’t take the time to give you personalized support. We’ll help make our unconventional techniques meet your individual needs.


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You aren’t like other people.


That’s what makes humans so amazing, we’re all individually unique. Your body may have inflammatory responses to eating bell peppers, while your spouse is able to enjoy them with zero issues.


The mainstream and conventional would like to group you in with everyone else and tell you that eating red meat could kill you. Or that eating eggs will give you super high cholesterol and blood pressure. Or that you should never put butter & MCT oil in your coffee.


This is all nonsense.


Does it sound like these mainstream and conventional weight loss programs care about you as an individual or your long-term results?


I don’t think so. Once I dropped the conventional wisdom BS and moved toward an unconventional yet sensible approach to overall health & wellness, I started to see serious gains.


It’s so weird to even call my lifestyle unconventional anymore, because to me it feels natural and has worked wonders. The unconventional is now my conventional and Burn Off Your Beer Belly would like to help you produce the same results.


This process is what allows Burn Off Your Beer Belly to shine. We respect your needs and only want you to succeed.


Essential Concept #7: Be Mindfully Positive


You’re unique and switching from a mostly high-carb, grains and processed food diet to real wholesome foods will test your commitment. It’s important to have a positive mindset as you move forward.


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Finally, the key to long-term results is to be mindfully positive. After you achieve burning off your beer belly, you want to keep it off.


Don’t let that belly fat come back into your life. You’ve got to keep a positive mindset.


Even when times are tough. Outside influences could cause stress. It’s not only the foods you eat and the exercise you do.


Work, relationships, bills, car troubles, etc… All these things can throw you off your game and before you know it, you’ll be looking down at another beer belly that needs burning.


It’s important to be mindful of this possibility so you can stay positive when things get negative.


Final Thoughts


So there you have it.


If you are having trouble with any of these essential concepts, please reach out to us.


Let’s quickly recap..


7 Essential Concepts For Losing Belly Fat Without Giving Up Your Favorite Booze:


1. Eat Real Wholesome Foods

2. Correct Your Hormones

3. Fix Your Gut

4. Enjoy Your Fitness Routine

5. Create A Healthy Habit

6. Make The Unconventional Your Conventional

7. Be Mindfully Positive


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all this..


..please take a step back, we’re here to help you through it. Don’t stress out or feel anxious, it can all be done on your own terms.


Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of these 7 essential concepts for losing belly fat.



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