5 Simple Ways To Conquer A BeerFest Without Packing On The Pounds

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Oh the glorious beerfest. I love these things!


Aside from being an insanely funny movie from those Broken Lizard guys, a beerfest provides a great chance to hang with good friends, taste new quality craft beers and expand your knowledge of this fast growing industry.


Although, a beerfest can also make it tough to keep the pounds off.


So many beers, so many food vendors, mixed with lowered inhibitions and increased cravings can spell disastrous weight gain for you…


If you don’t take precautions.


With that said, you’re going to discover 5 simple ways to conquer a BeerFest without packing on the pounds.


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What Is A Beer Fest?


If you’re not in the know… Typically, at a beerfest, you pay for a general admission ticket that gives you a certain number of tastes, pours or samples.


You’ll get a small cup, anywhere from 2 to 6 ounces and a scorecard to keep track of your number of samples.


There will be a number of craft & micro breweries with booths set up to pour their beer. Each brewery brings a couple of their top beers for you to choose from.


How many beer drinks would a beer drinker drink if a beer drinker drank beer drinks all day at a beerfest?


NovemBEER Festival Phoenix Arizona


The most recent beerfest I attended was a couple weeks ago. The NovemBEER Festival, located in downtown Phoenix on Saturday, November 21st.


Tickets to this event were $25 and you received this:

  • Entry into the event
  • 30 samples (2oz pours)
  • Commemorative tasting mug
  • Entertainment
  • Access to vendor village and food vendors


Here is a list of breweries pouring beer at this festival too.


I enjoyed my fair share of delicious craft beers. I actually checked in about 20 new, distinct beers on Untappd. I unlocked so many new badges!


But, even more importantly, I maintained my lean physique. I maintained my 170lbs weight. I maintained control over my personal health & wellness. I woke up the next day feeling energized, productive and burnin’ awesome!


How To Conquer A BeerFest Without Packing On The Pounds


I’ve been attending beerfests for quite a few years now. I don’t give in to any of the belly growing temptations. I don’t let myself feel intimidated when conventional wisdom forbids beer on their diets.


I take control of my body, my health, my enjoyment. Here’s the 5 simple ways to conquer a BeerFest without packing on the pounds.


1 | Eat Before You BeerFest


Don’t listen to all the mainstream believers that say you should eat greasy, fast food before drinking.


NO!.. it won’t help prevent a hangover and it definitely won’t help to keep the weight off. Eat a meal high in healthy fats, quality protein and loads of veggies.


Foods like grass-fed meats, avocados, eggs and veggies will help to power up your metabolism before entering festival mode.


You’ll essentially put your body into fat burning mode before loading up on all those liquid carbs.


It’s also important to note, for the morning of the beerfest, eat only healthy fats & quality protein. The ultimate breakfast would be coffee blended with grass-fed butter & MCT oil. If you’re not into coffee, eat some eggs and bacon.


2 | Take Hangover Prevention Seriously


The best way to prevent a hangover is to increase your body’s glutathione levels. This will also squash alcohol inflammation and the subsequent weight gain.


The best ways to increase your body’s glutathione levels are to exercise, load up on vitamin C, take N-acetyl cysteine supplement, take alpha lipoic acid supplement or drink some liposomal glutathione.


Also, your pre-beerfest meal of healthy fats, quality protein and loads of veggies will help keep alcohol inflammation low, thus adding to your hangover prevention.


3 | Know Your Limit


You should be well versed in how your body reacts to beer. I’m saying, you should have already logged plenty of practice. Really paid attention to how many beers you can handle.


“We’re talking about practice…”



Sorry, anytime there’s any talk of practice I can’t help but be reminded of that video.


Knowing how many beers you are able to consume before losing control is some of the most powerful knowledge you could have before hitting up a beerfest.


You can make a plan to cut yourself off once you reach ‘your’ number.


4 | Keep Moving


Don’t stop and sit. Keep moving, this is a great chance to log many steps. Walk all around the beerfest grounds.


If a group of friends wants to stand in one stationary place and talk, start dancing! There’s always music playing at these beerfests, so no need to feel embarrassed.


Or grab one of your friends from the group and walk to the other side of the beerfest to try that new beer over there!


5 | Snack On Fat


If cravings do arise or you get a crazy case of the munchies, go ahead and snack but make sure it’s a healthy fat.


I’m, of course talking about avocados! Or almonds…


I understand that this part can be tough, given that most of the food sold by vendors at these beerfests is not healthy fats.


You might be surprised what you can find though. It may take some searching.


But if you can at least make small improvements on your food choices, like ditching breads, buns and other sugars – you’ll be well on your way to keeping the weight off while enjoying many quality craft beers.


So that’s it!


This doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to decline going to a beerfest because you just started your new diet.


You shouldn’t be ‘dieting’ anyway.


Go to that beerfest. Enjoy yourself. Meet people. Hang with friends.


To be healthy you must also be happy.


And remember your 5 simple ways to conquer a beerfest without packing on the pounds:


1 | Eat Before You BeerFest


2 | Take Hangover Prevention Seriously


3 | Know Your Limit


4 | Keep Moving


5 | Snack On Fat


Let me know other ways you have been able to conquer a beerfest without growing that beer belly!



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