5 | Can’t Conquer Carb Confusion?

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Are You Dealing With Carbohydrate Confusion?


We discuss why cutting carbohydrates completely is bad for you, what role they play in belly fat, when the best time is to eat carbs and we also give you 3 strategies to help you stay in belly fat burning mode and conquer your carb confusion.


3 Strategies To Optimize Your Carbohydrate Intake:


1 | Eliminate All Chances Of Spiked Insulin Levels In The Morning


2 | Choose Real Food Sourced Carbohydrates


3 | Limit Your Carb Serving Size



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Remember to eliminate all carbs in the morning, instead choose healthy fats & quality protein.


Eat them after a functional workout or later in the day, but only 2-3 times per week.


Choose the correct type, only real wholesome food sources and limit your serving size along with eating more healthy fats and protein with them.


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