48 | The Ultimate Way To Defeat Cravings

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way to defeat cravings


Finally Defeat Those Cravings!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover the ultimate way to defeat cravings.


We’ll give you 10 strategies you can use to finally get rid of cravings altogether. We’ll also provide you with 10 supplements that help to squash food cravings.


Here are the 10 strategies to defeat cravings:


1 | Prevention


2 | Distraction


3 | Boost your mood


4 | Replace it


5 | Remove the culprit


6 | Be smart


7 | No processed carbs for dinner


8 | Stop with the ‘oses’


9 | Do a quick bodyweight workout


10 | Nutrient diversity by way of variety


Here are the 10 supplements that help to squash cravings:


1 | Fish oil or Krill oil


2 | Bitter melon extract


3 | Garcinia Cambogia


4 | L-Carnitine


5 | Alpha Lipoic Acid


6 | COQ10


7 | Vitamin B


8 | 5-HTP


9 | Lipase or Digestive enzymes


10 | Chromium


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