39 Tips To Burn Belly Fat

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Everyone is always asking me for my best tips, tricks, techniques and methods to help burn belly fat.


I felt I needed to create a one-stop shop resource guide to send them to, when they ask. So here it is.


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39 Tips To Burn Belly Fat


1. Eat Real Wholesome Food that your body was designed to benefit from.


2. Stop Counting Calories. It’s obsessive & stressful behavior, instead concentrate more on the type of calories you’re eating


3. Balance Your Hormones so they can break free from Wacky World. The longer you leave them all wacked out, the harder it will be to ultimately burn belly fat.


4. Fixing Your Gut is one of the essential concepts to burning belly fat. You want to create an environment within your gut where healthy bacteria will flourish.


5. Ingesting More Healthy Fats will NOT make you fat, they will actually increase your metabolism making it easier to burn belly fat.


6. Ingest More Healthy Protein to increase your metabolic rate and your energy levels for digesting food.


7. Optimize Your Carbohydrate Intake by eating less ‘bad’ carbs like breads, pastas & buns. Instead, eat more ‘good’ carbs like sweet potatoes, white rice and dark green veggies.


8. Short Intense Strength Training is one of the best workouts for burning off belly fat.


9. Short, High Intensity Sprints will boost your metabolic rate and shred your belly fat.


10. Take Fish Oil Supplements will reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity and lower one of the main fat storage hormones – cortisol.


11. Eating Wild Caught Fish provides an adequate ratio of essential fatty acids to also improve insulin sensitivity and lower cortisol.


12. Eat Grass-Fed Meats since they are higher in omega-3 fatty acids and will balance your hormones.


13. Drink Grass-Fed Butter in your coffee, along with MCT Oil, every morning. Do you want to become a fat burning machine?


14. Eat More Almonds because they are loaded with healthy fats that will boost your metabolism.


15. Eat More Avocados since they are absolutely delicious… oh yea, and they’re high in healthy fats that boost your metabolism.


16. Drink MCT Oil in your coffee, because it will make you a fat burning machine.


17. Eat More Cruciferous Vegetables to squash your cravings and balance your hormones.


18. Use Coconut Oil When Cooking or eat it whenever you want. This will also make you a fat burning machine.


19. Elevate Your Growth Hormone by doing short, intense workouts while you watch your belly fat go away.


20. Enjoy Your Smart, Intense Workout. Don’t risk injury and only do workouts you enjoy doing.


21. Concentrate More On Full Body Functional Fitness. Curls are great for your biceps, but what about the rest of your body? You want a fully functional body that will also promote fat loss elsewhere, like your belly.


22. Eat Healthy Fats Before Working Out so your body uses them for fuel. They’ll also create an environment that promotes belly fat burning.


23. Eliminate Processed Foods because your body will see them as sugar. They will destroy your gut, throw your hormones into Wacky World and cause you to gain belly fat.


24. Eat A Grain-Free & Carb-Free Breakfast. This means protein and healthy fats, so you start your day off by creating an environment within your body where fat will literally burn off without much effort on your part.


25. Eat More Blueberries & Kale to make your diet more nutritious, plus they’ll fill you up quicker and boost your metabolism.


26. Avoid Sugar because it’s sugar and it will destroy your gut while throwing your hormones into Wacky World.


27. Avoid Corn because your body sees it as sugar


28. Avoid Grains because your body sees them as sugar


29. Avoid Wheat because your body sees it as sugar


30. Drink Plenty Of Water for hydrating & satiety purposes.


31. Get High Quality Deep Sleep and your overall body composition will be better.


32. Eat More Seeds like sesame, flax or chia. These will provide many beneficial fats and increase your metabolism.


33. Take At Least 5000I/U of Vitamin D3 because having low levels of D is linked to gaining belly fat, even in otherwise healthy adults.


34. Eat Plenty Of Fiber (from plants) to keep your digestive system working flawlessly and it’ll keep belly fat away.


35. Increasing Your Magnesium Levels will help you sleep better and reduces your cortisol levels.


36. Increase Your Antioxidant Intake so you keep inflammation & sickness at bay.


37. Reduce Your Stress Levels by joining a yoga class or start a daily meditation routine.


38. Take Probiotics to improve your gut health and boost your immunity.


39. Have Patience & Perseverance so you don’t burn yourself out. Burning belly fat isn’t going to happen overnight. This is a lifestyle change, it’s time to go all in.


So, there you have it!


I hope you will take action and start implementing many of these tips into your way of life. If you have any burnin’ hot BONUS tips you’d like to give, drop them in the comment section below.


I’m interested to see what other people have found to help burn belly fat.


Once again, if you want a free downloadable copy of this list, you can grab it here:

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Cheers to you, Belly Burnin’ Nation!

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