39 | Q & A – Drop Body Fat Quickly, What To Eat To Lose Weight, Conquer Sugar Cravings and How To Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Q and A podcast episode


Q’s Satisfied By A’s!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover answers to your questions. You’ll also discover 5 ways to drop body fat quickly.


Here are a few of the questions we answer on the podcast:


—  I injured my leg a few months ago and basically quit exercising, I also quit eating healthy. Now I’m 25 to 30lbs over my ideal weight. I’m healed now and would like to drop this body fat as fast as possible, any suggestion you can give me other than eat good food and exercise?


— I don’t care about any of the science or why certain foods are better for you than others, I just want to know what to eat to lose some weight. Please tell me specifically what to eat over the course of a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner – to best lose weight.


—  I can’t kick my sweet tooth. How do I defeat my sugar cravings?


—  I don’t like the taste of MCT oil in my coffee, can I just add MCT oil to other drinks that mask the taste? I’ve found it to be more tolerable in orange juice.


—  Just found out my blood pressure is up even though I’m still on blood pressure meds that I’ve been trying to kick. Going to increase my magnesium supplements and add potassium gluconate and/or potassium citrate. Might need to cut back on the quality craft beer. Any other suggestions? I’m sure I could eat more veggies, but other than beer, I’ve been off the sugar, grains and processed foods. I’ve also seen some conflicting info on creatine possibly raising blood pressure due to increased water retention, any thoughts on that?


Here are the 5 ways to drop body fat quickly:


1 | Sauna or heat therapy in combination with cold therapy or thermogenesis


2 | Do a low impact exercise while in a fasted state


3 | Keep your blood sugar levels low


4 | Move your freakin’ body!


5 | Experiment with fasting


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