34 | Increasing Work Productivity After A Night Out With Friends

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Productive Work After Boozin’ The Night Before!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover 30 work productivity tips you can use after a night out drinking with friends.


You’ll be able to celebrate and still make it into work the next day so you can be your most productive self.




Here are those 30 work productivity tips:


1 | Don’t let yourself be hungover at work


2 | Get plenty of quality, deep sleep


3 | Do some yoga or whole body stretching after you wake up


4 | Take a cold shower before going into work


5 | Slow down to enjoy your morning routine


6 | Consider starting your day off with Belly Burnin’ Coffee


7 | Don’t even think about work until you’re mindfully ready to begin


8 | Have a powerful vitamin & supplement protocol


9 | Add a little himalayan sea salt and lemon to your water


10 | Once you begin, prioritize your goals


11 | Don’t be a ‘yes-man’ or ‘yes-woman’


12 | Batch your work to be more efficient


13 | Move your body


14 | Eat real wholesome foods that satiate you


15 | Request to work from home


16 | Make your meetings standing huddles


17 | Stop trying to multitask


18 | Drop your perfectionist mantra


19 | Question the importance of each task


20 | FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful)


21 | Limit the interruptions


22 | Give yourself a clean & refreshing work environment


23 | Take plenty of small mental breaks throughout the day


24 | Listen to some uplifting tunes


25 | No drama


26 | Harness the power of habits


27 | Level-up your mood


28 | Snack on healthy fats & quality protein for energy


29 | Enjoy what you do


30 | Screw it, take a personal day!


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