30 Tips On How To Be More Productive At Work After A Night Of Boozing

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Productivity at work is crucial to your overall success in health, business and lifestyle. CEOs, business owners, middle management, executives and supervisors all would love to get the most from their employees.


But, they would all love to get the most from themselves too. No matter who you are, if you aren’t performing as efficiently and effectively, on the job as you could be, there may be some harsh consequences looming in your future.


Add a vibrant social life to your world and you’re left wondering where the work – life – health balance is. How will you be able to increase productivity at work after a celebratory night out?


No worries Belly Burnin’ Nation! We got your back!

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The goal of this article is to help YOU discover how to be more productive at work after a night of boozing.


There’s going to be 30 of these work productivity tips. So, instead of trying to do all of these at once, choose a few that you can implement right now among you and your fellow happy hour buds.


Get those few down, with ease, before moving onto a few others. Eventually, you’ll be reaping all the benefits of being a productive machine, even after a night of partying with your friends.


Free Gift: Download this entire list as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer or mobile device for quick reference. Or simply print it out and keep it at your desk for all those after-party workdays… You’ll also receive many more hidden bonus gifts, all for Free!

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We’ve broken them down into an easy little table for you. You can jump to any work productivity tip, you like, by simply clicking it.


Try it out!


Browse by Tip: Click any of the links below to simply jump to each tip.


Hangovers                         Standing

Sleep                                    Multitask

Yoga                                    Mantra

Shower                                Importance

Slow Down                         FOCUS

Coffee                                  Interruptions

Mindful Thinking             Refreshing

Protocol                              Breaks

Water                                  Tunes

Prioritize                            Drama  

No-Man                              Habits

Batch                                   Mood

Move                                   Snacks

Real Food                           Enjoyment 

From Home                       Personal


1 | Don’t Let Yourself Be Hungover At Work


This may be easier said than done. Especially if you’re celebrating, big time, the night before work. Although, you are currently reading the Burn Off Your Beer Belly website, where we give you simple fat loss techniques along with some of the best hangover cures that actually work!


The best cure for a hangover is to prevent it in the first place. It’s not about magical pills that will instantly cure your hangover, in the morning. It’s strictly about hangover prevention.


The best hangover prevention method is to increase your body’s glutathione levels. There are a number of ways to do this. We’ve covered them on the Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast.


Here’s just a few:


3D ebook cover jpeg


If you need further help preventing hangovers, so you can increase your productivity at work, consider reading the eBook, 52 Hangover-Free Weekends: The Ultimate Guide To Hangover Prevention.


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2 | Get Plenty Of Quality, Deep Sleep


I know. You know. This one is obvious. Lack of sleep is going to play a major role in your productivity levels at work. Especially after a night out boozin’ it up!


You should still try to get 7-9 hours of good quality, deep sleep. We recommend taking a supplement called L-Theanine before you start drinking the night before.


According to mentalhealthdaily.com, sleep quality improvement is one of the many benefits of L-Theanine.


For added improvement to your sleep quality, consider taking ZMA at least a half hour before you head off to dreamland.

And, here at Burn Off Your Beer Belly, we love to over-deliver. Check out this amazing article about natural ways to improve sleep quality over at wellnessmama.com.


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3 | Do Yoga Or Some Whole Body Stretching After You Wake Up


This isn’t just about improving how your body works, this will have a very beneficial effect on your mind. It’s for your mental well being.


After drinking all night, you’re experiencing some hardcore inflammation throughout your mind and body. This inflammation is going to wreak havoc on your productivity levels at work.


According to business.com, there are 6 ways yoga can improve productivity at work.


By committing only 5 minutes of your morning routine to a good yoga/stretching session, you’ll reinvigorate yourself.


You’ll spark your energy levels. You’ll boost your sense of wellness. You’ll reduce your anxiety. You’ll set yourself up for being productive at work.




Also, Follow Brooke: the creator of #BeerYoga on Instagram for some interesting yoga tips revolving around delicious craft beers!


Don’t forget to Grab Your Yoga Mat! ——->


And A Beer ———>


Here’s a Pro Tip:


***If you’ve got a knot in your back or neck… or anywhere really – Rumble Roll that kink out before you start stretching. If you stretch a knot, you’ll only tighten it and make it worse.***


4 | Take A Cold Shower Before Going Into Work


man showering in cold shower for fat loss


Are you hardcore enough for this? Can you handle taking a cold shower? I’m not talking about cold beer, that was last night!


Many of us can’t. Many of us won’t. But the science is in… and you should.


Taking a cold shower increases your blood circulation, releases endorphins and makes you more productive.


This article from fastcompany.com breaks down all the science on how taking a cold shower in the morning can make you more productive at work.


Another selfish plug for our Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast, we discuss how taking cold showers can also help you burn excess body fat.


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5 | Slow Down To Enjoy Your Morning Routine


You’ll probably be sluggish and slow moving this morning, since you partied hard last night. But, don’t feel rushed today.


If you’re running a little late, it’s fine. Don’t stress. Don’t freak out. Don’t get angry.


Slow it down. Take a few big, deep breaths where you breathe in through your nose and hold for a few seconds… then release out your mouth.


Your morning routine is what will set you up to be your most productive self today. You have to slow it down and enjoy it. Savor it.


This is your time. It’s your ‘me-time’.


wim hof method banner image

Follow the Wim Hof Method and discover the amazing health & innovative physical performance secrets to make you more productive at work.


6 | Consider Starting Your Day Off With Belly Burnin’ Coffee



By now you should know all the amazing benefits Belly Burnin’ Coffee can provide you…


  • Burning body fat
  • Clearing brain fog
  • Boosting energy
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Curing hangovers
  • Expanding focus
  • Increasing productivity at work!


Watch the video. Make Belly Burnin’ Coffee. Be productive. And Enjoy!

Onnit Medium Light Roast Coffee

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7 | Don’t Even Think About Work Until You’re Mindfully Ready To Begin


You haven’t made it into work yet, no need to think about all the stuff you have to get done today.


At least, not yet.


We’re still on your time. It’s all about you. When you’re mindfully ready to begin, then you can allow yourself to start thinking about work.


See here on lifehack.org how mindfulness can improve your focus and productivity.


8 | Have A Powerful Vitamin & Supplement Protocol


A lot of times, with vitamins & supplements, less is more. I’m not going to recommend you follow the same protocol I do each morning.


But, I do have some specific recommendations to help you be more productive at work after a night of boozing.


These are specific vitamins & supplements that help reduce inflammation, increase mental clarity, boost your body’s glutathione levels, enhance your mood and power up your immune system.



9 | Add A Little Himalayan Sea Salt and Lemon To Your Water

stressed out man eating lemon

I know, this sounds gross. Well, the salt – not so much the lemon. You may already know about how adding the lemon to your water will alleviate stomach issues you may be experiencing from all that drinking the night before.


That lemon can even reduce stomach ulcers and lower blood pressure. Here’s a small study showing that lemon intake results in lower blood pressure.


As for the himalayan sea salt, this will help to combat adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands are severely stressed after drinking alcohol, along with being dehydrated. These all lead to stress and anxiety for you, which equals less productivity at work.


The simple, quick-fix for all these things is to add just a little bit of himalayan sea salt and lemon to your big glass of water.


Hydrate. Reduce stress. Alleviate stomach pains. Be productive.


10 | Once You Begin, Prioritize Your Goals


productivity at work image


Okay, now it’s finally time to start working. What’s the first thing you need to do in order to be more productive today?


You’ve got to prioritize your goals.


Take it from Tim Ferriss at fourhourworkweek.com, get specific about your goals. Have gratitude and empathy. Schedule an 80/20 analysis. Manifest positivity.


Don’t only put together a to-do list, also put together a NOT to-do list. Utilize force multipliers. Define your fears. Focus, aim and take action.


You do this, as you begin work today, and you’ll be laser focused. You’ll be exponentially more productive.



11 | Don’t Be A ‘Yes-Man’ or ‘Yes-Woman’


“No more yes. It’s either HELL YEAH! or no.”Derek Sivers


Meaning, today, when you’re deciding whether to commit to something at work – if it’s anything less than “WOW! That’s burnin’ awesome!” Then your answer should be no.


Don’t say, yes, to every request you get today. It’s probably better that you wait it out anyways. In order for you to be more productive at work today, you need to say no to the boring. To the mundane. To the unimportant.




12 | Batch Your Work To Be More Efficient


I learned this one from a burnin’ hot podcaster by the name John Lee Dumas. He says “you have to spend time to make time”.


He was mostly talking about batching for podcasting, because he does a daily podcast. Yes, 7 days a week… 365 days a year. You can find it at eofire.com.


But, I’ve found this batching idea works for any repetitive type of work. If you had batched your work, yesterday, then today you’d be able to be more productive.


Try it out. Evolve it. Make it work for your job. Your situation.


13 | Move Your Body


Don’t sit at your desk all day. You’re liable to fall asleep. Get up. Move your body!


Take a walk around the office. Go outside and enjoy nature for a few minutes.


You’ve got to keep the blood flowin’ so you can keep the productive juices flowin’.


Jennifer Cohen over at forbes.com says, “A good 15 minutes of moving around, even just around your living room, makes your body produce more energy on a cellular level.”


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14 | Eat Real Wholesome Foods That Satiate You


The food you eat today, and everyday for that matter, is extremely important in how productive you’ll be.


If you’re eating candy bars from the vending machine or Lean Cuisine pasta meals for lunch or drinking soda for more caffeine boosts, you are going to destroy your productivity levels.


Check out this Australian study by Medibank Private, which found that healthy employees make for a healthy business. These healthy workers take fewer sick days and are three times more productive than unhealthy workers!


Instead, choose avocados, boiled eggs, almonds, a salad with protein or even some of these tasty Bulletproof Vanilla Collagen Protein Bars


bulletproof vanilla collagen bars image

15 | Request To Work From Home


Every business should implement the ability for their employees to work from home, at least some of the time.


You can get more done in less time, when you work from home. You don’t have to deal with all the inner office distractions. You don’t have to deal with all the inner office interruptions.


You don’t have to deal with that ‘Chatty Cathy’ co-worker who talks your head off.


Here’s another study, that was done by the Harvard Business Review, which found that employees who work from home are more productive and less likely to quit their jobs.


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16 | Make Your Meetings Standing Huddles




Sitting is the new smoking. You should probably get yourself a standing desk as well.


Since, it’s proven that standing desks make you more productive, it only makes logical sense that if you make your meetings standing huddles – your meetings will be more productive.


We don’t really have meetings at Burn Off Your Beer Belly Studios, but we have incorporated a standing desk or standing podcast studio for when we’re recording episodes.


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17 | Stop Trying To Multitask


silhouette multi task man image

You may think you are a great multitasker, but you aren’t.


Nobody is.


Especially not today. Your brain got wrecked from all that alcohol you drank last night.


According to Harvard Business Review, doing many things at once makes us think we’re getting more done, but in reality, our productivity goes down by 40%.


Multitasking also reduces IQ and lowers your performance on any given task. Basically, would you rather do 5 things with less than stellar results or 1 thing with amazing results?


18 | Drop Your Perfectionist Mantra


According to Entrepreneur.com, perfection is the greatest obstacle to productivity.


I have to admit, this is a tough one for me to let go of. I proofread so many times, and yet, I’ll still make mistakes.


Then I get angry at myself for missing the mistake. This is no way to live. This is no way to work!


Mistakes happen to everyone.


To be more productive at work, you must drop your perfectionist mantra… and so must I.


19 | Question The Importance Of Each Task


This one should be extended a little…


Question the importance of each task and do the most important thing first.


Some of your work today, is crucially important to move with forward progress. If you want to achieve your goals and be the most productive you can be, you’ll need to figure out what those crucially important tasks are.


This will make it so easy to maintain FOCUS…


20 | FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful)


Personal finance guru and author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, first coined this term.



But, it totally makes sense, right?!


I know, today is probably filled with frustration. Maybe even depression. Anger?


That’s why it’s even more important to follow one course until successful, today. FOCUS = clarity = energy = productivity.


John Lee Dumas, with the batching for productivity concept #12, talks in much more detail about this FOCUS keyword right here.


21 | Limit The Interruptions


Bite the bullet today… No FaceBook. No Twitter. No Instagram.


Those incoming texts from your mom can wait until you take one of your many small, mental breaks today.


The average worker gets interrupted once every 8 minutes! Some of those interruptions are brought on upon yourself, by yourself!


Here’s 5 strategies to eliminate constant interruptions, provided by fastcompany.com.


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22 | Give Yourself A Clean & Refreshing Work Environment


Basically, Get Organized!


The fewer papers (you should be paperless), office supplies, gadgets and other clutter you have in your work environment the better for your anxiety, your stress and ultimately your productivity.


Take it from Turnstone, they’re the leader of innovative office furniture and their workplace design expertise is second to none!


They’ll literally create furniture for your office that encourages collaboration and fosters vibrant productivity.


You’ll be able to think more clearly and cut down on wasting time, searching through all your stuff, to find those TPS reports.


tps reports image


23 | Take Plenty Of Small, Mental Breaks Throughout The Day


Studies have generally found that the most productive on-off routine is 90 minutes on, followed by a 15-20 minute break.


Since you were out partying all night, though, you may want to go 60 minutes on, followed by a 15-20 minute break.


I took so many breaks while writing this article!



24 | Listen To Some Uplifting Tunes


Or podcasts.


Or audiobooks.

audible banner image


This is your choice. As long as you listen to something. Break the silence.


Stimulate your mind with uplifting, encouraging and positive sounds to increase your overall productivity.


This study from sciencedirect.com shows that listening to music is effective in raising efficiency and productivity at work.


25 | No Drama



You remember those sweet, sweet lyrics from Mary J. Blige. You might have even been dancing or chillin’ to this song last night.


Hopefully you didn’t involve drama into your night, though. And today, to be your most productive self, you’re going to have to listen to Mary J.


“another lesson learned…

better know your friends…

or else you will get burned…”


No inner-office drama. No out-of-the-office drama.


No More Drama.


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26 | Harness The Power Of Habits



Grab this powerful book by Stephen Covey, now!


If you harness the power of these 7 habits, you’ll most certainly increase your productivity at work.


These habits are:

  • Be proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put first things first
  • Think win-win
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • Synergize
  • Sharpen the saw


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27 | Level-Up Your Mood



Your dopamine levels were running high in your brain’s reward pathways last night.


But today, the depressant effects of alcohol are bringing your mood down. They are inducing feelings of not wanting to work. These feelings will NOT aid you in being productive.


In order to be more productive at work after a night of boozing, you’re going to need to level-up your mood.


According to this article on Inc.com, office plants, healthy snacks (from #28 below), certain scents, listening to music, praising, socializing and having a little office fun are all simple ways to level-up your mood at work.


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28 | Snack On Healthy Fats & Quality Protein For Energy


A lot like #14, in this list, your body needs to be nourished in order to be productive.


Quality protein and healthy fats will give you a much more sustained source of energy, throughout your workday, without spiking your blood sugar or glucose levels.


The fats and the protein will also prevent that late afternoon crash you normally get after eating a heavy carb, grains or sugar meal.


These healthy fats and quality protein sources would be things like almonds, avocados, eggs, bacon, grass-fed beef, grass-fed butter, guacamole, salmon, shrimp and sausage.


According to this study, you don’t have to worry about the cholesterol content of these foods. Cholesterol is quite confusing & misunderstood.



29 | Enjoy What You Do


dustin wants pod imageDustin, from the Dustin Wants To Know Show says his #1 tip to be more productive at work is, “love what you do so it’s important to you!”


He also mentioned that he tries not to check email or social media until he’s ticked off the most important task for the day.


You can listen to his podcast here. He talks to interesting people in order to extract how they use their passion to fuel their careers and to dilute actionable steps for you to be able to take your life, career and business to the next level.


Basically, if you don’t enjoy your work. If you don’t enjoy your job. If what you do is not important to you. You’re not going to be productive.


Enjoy what you do or find something new…


Enjoy what you do or find something new. Click To Tweet


30 | Screw It, Take A Personal Day!


silhouettes taking personal day image


When all else fails… Screw it!


You’re tired. You’re hungover. Your immune system is weak. Your head is aching. Your muscles are fatigued. Your stomach is bloated.


You won’t do your employer any good by coming into work today. Screw it, take a personal day!


Come back to work tomorrow, after you’ve read through all these 30 tips on how to be more productive at work, so you can put them into action.


Plus, maybe we should all rethink this whole 8 hour workday thing


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Final Thoughts


Wow! What a powerful article!


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Take it. Distribute it. Use it.


Do you have any more productivity tips to provide? Drop ’em in the comment section below.


Take action on these 30 Tips On How To Be More Productive At Work After A Night Of Boozing.




Free Gift: Download this entire list as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer or mobile device for quick reference. Or simply print it out and keep it at your desk for all those after-party workdays… You’ll also receive many more hidden bonus gifts, all for Free!

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