26 | Flip That Mainstream Script, Burn Those USDA Dietary Guidelines!

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Reject This USDA Nonsense!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover the good and the bad about the new 2015 – 2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines.


Plus, we’ll cover a few belly burnin’ news items.


Here’s the 3 health and wellness news articles we cover:


1 | Short High Intensity Training or Long Drawn Out Workouts Better For Fat Loss?


2 | WellnessFX Introduces Home Testing Kits


3 | PBS Is Leading An Assault On Supplements


Here’s the chapters and appendices of the new USDA Dietary Guidelines:


Chapter 1 | Key Elements of Healthy Eating Patterns


Chapter 2 | Shifts Needed to Align With Healthy Eating Patterns


Chapter 3 | Everyone Has a Role In Supporting Healthy Eating Patterns


Appendix 1 | Physical Activity Guidelines


Appendix 2 | Estimated Calorie Needs Per Day


Appendix 3 | Healthy US-Style Eating Pattern


Appendix 4 | Healthy Mediterranean Eating Pattern


Appendix 5 | Healthy Vegetarian Eating Pattern


Appendix 6 | Glossary of Terms


Appendix 7 | Nutritional Goals


Appendix 8 | Federal Resources


Appendix 9 | Alcohol


Appendix 10 | Potassium


Appendix 11 | Calcium


Appendix 12 | Vitamin D


Appendix 13 | Dietary Fiber


Appendix 14 | Food Safety


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