25 | Q & A Do Fat Loss Supplements Work? Can You Build Up A Dependency On Vitamins & Supplements? Plus We Talk Nootropics, Ketosis And So Much More…

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We Have So Many A’s For Your Q’s!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover answers to more of your questions. We’ll discuss whether fat loss supplements really work as well as whether or not you can build up a dependency on vitamins and supplements.


Plus, we’ll talk about nootropics, ketosis and so much more.


Here are a few of the questions we’ll answer on the podcast:


—  Have you heard of a supplement called Garcinia Cambogia and should I take it for fat loss?


—  Should I slowly build up zinc and magnesium over time, taking it everyday?


—  Is it wise to be dependent on these vitamins and supplements like zinc + magnesium for sleep and others?


—  Why do you take activated charcoal after you’ve drank a lot? What’s the use of the other supplements you take for hangovers if you’re having activated charcoal?


—  Do you personally sleep well? AND how?


—  How do you personally know if you’re in ketosis?


—  How can you eat fat to burn fat, if you’re not in ketosis?


—  Why don’t you recommend a ketogenic diet and ketosis?


Here’s how to safely take Garcinia Cambogia and/or Bitter Melon Extract for amazing fat loss results:


Garcinia Cambogia


—  Look for at least 50% HCA


—  Don’t take it before a workout


—  Take it only before a carby, processed food, grainy or sugary meal


—  Use it to suppress cravings


Bitter Melon Extract


—  Everything is the same as Garcinia except for the HCA percentage because there is NONE


—  Don’t use it to suppress cravings


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