24 | Start Your Pets On A Raw Food Diet Because They Deserve To Be Healthy Like You

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Keep Your Furry Little Friends Rawsome & Healthy!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover everything you need to know about feeding your pets a raw food diet.


We’ll discuss how we feed our pets, Gus the dog and Jaye the cat, a fully raw food diet. You’ll also learn why a raw food diet for your pets is much healthier than kibble dry and wet food.


Here are 2 types of raw food diets for pets:


1 | BARF Diet


—  Biologically Appropriate Raw Food


—  Ground meats rather than whole foods


—  Vegetables


—  Bony body parts like necks, backs and wings


—  Supplements


2 | Prey Model


—  Replicating your pet’s prey


—  Ground meat, whole animal prey, muscle meat and organ meat


—  Edible raw meaty bones


—  Bony body parts like necks, backs and wings


Here’s 6 tips for transitioning your pets from a kibble, processed diet to a raw food diet:


1 | They Tend To Do Better Switching Cold Turkey, Rather Than Weening Them Off The Crap


2 | Only Fee One Type of Meat For The First Week


3 | Have Patience


4 | Build Your Knowledge And Understanding


5 | Pay Attention


6 | Know The Percentages


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