22 | We Have A’s For Your Q’s, Plus It’s Ryan Jerome’s Birthday – Did He Achieve His Muscle Building Goals? And More Hangover Talk

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Happy 35th Birthday, Ryan Jerome!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll get more of your questions answered. We discuss more about hangovers, too.


Is pastrami and Mountain Dew a good form of hangover prevention?


There are questions about cheese and healthy fats. Along with a question about glutamate rebound.


Ryan also discusses whether or not he achieved his muscle building goals for his birthday. Plus, so much more!


Here are a few of the questions we answer on this podcast episode:


—  Do you follow the ‘cheat sheet’ like a religion expressly as it is written, or is there more emphasis for you specifically on more heavily weighted factors or steps in the process?


—  Is your personal process scalable – in that if you drink (x) beers in (x) hours after having taken (y) supplements it results in no hangover, so you can also drink 10x beers in 10x hours after having taken 10y supplements and have it still result in no hangover?


—  How many 12oz beers can you drink over (x) period of time without having any trace of a hangover the following day – presuming all other factors you supply are constants?


—  I’ve decided to try MCT oil, coffee, and grass fed butter. I even ordered the butter from amazon (kerry gold), but on delivery, the expiration date already completed! (took around 20 days to deliver). So, going to have trouble finding grass fed butter it seems. Any alternatives?


—  Many sites say not to take NAC after drinking, because it has a bad effect on the liver. Is this true?


—  Having had all these supplements, what is the net effect of alcohol on my health and body?


—  What exactly can I do to prevent a ‘late afternoon crash’, correctly how you have put it?


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