21 | 7 Signs Your Unhealthy Gut Is Causing You To Gain Body Fat And Make You An Unhealthy Mess

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Your Gut Health Is So Important!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover the warning signs of having an unhealthy gut. You’ll also gain a better understanding of why gut health is so important.


We’ll also give you a few ways to help keep your gut health under control.


Here are 7 signs your unhealthy gut is causing you to gain body fat and make you an unhealthy mess:


1 | Digestive Issues


2 | Brain Fog And Other Mental Issues


3 | Vitamin, Mineral and Nutrient Deficiencies


4 | Antibiotics


5 | Your Are Stressed


6 | Skin Breakouts


7 | Autoimmune Diseases


Here’s 4 ways to keep your gut health under control:


1 | Avoid Processed Foods


2 | Eat Fermented Foods


3 | Take Probiotics


4 | Manage Your Stress Levels


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