19 | Q & A – Squash Cravings, Muscle Building Workouts, Gain Muscle Without Fat, Targeting Belly Fat, Am I Losing Fat Muscle Or Water Weight? Tim Ferriss And Ketosis

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We’ve Got More As For Your Qs!


On today’s podcast episode, we answer many more questions from podcast listener, Kabir.


You’ll discover answers to questions about squashing cravings, muscle building workouts, gaining muscle without gaining fat, targeting belly fat and how to tell if you’re losing fat, muscle or water weight.


Plus, we talk about Tim Ferriss, ketosis and so much more!


Here are the questions provided by listener, Kabir:


1 | 5pm, why such an early dinner? After that what?


2 | Between 11am to 5pm what? You don’t feel hungry?


3 | Are Kettlebells enough for muscle building? Or do you need heavy weights, dumbbells etc- 5 times a week, 30 mins at least?


4 | What workouts do you do with kettlebells?


5 | How to gain only muscle mass without gaining fat?


6 | If I am now 66 kgs, which is like 145LBS, and want abs (not showing due to fat covering them), won’t I have to lose even more fat, which means even weight will drop, which means at 66 kgs (cutting weight further), I’d look too skinny! Do you recommend ‘bulking’ or cutting flab now itself? I am in this dilemma.


7 | If I were to cut, is it easy to then put on only muscle mass?


8 | Also, one cant ONLY lose belly fat – you lose fat from all over your body, targeting areas is not possible, right?


9 | How will I know if I am losing fat, muscle or water weight? Do skin fold calipers help? Please advise..


10 | I also wanted to ask the real meaning of ketones or ketosis and also how, why and if ketones are toxic.. Been reading conflicting views on this on the internet.


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