18 | Q & A – Are Saturated Fats Healthy? Carbs In The Morning? High Fat Causes Muscle Loss? Ketosis? Plus So Much More…

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We’ve Got More As For Your Qs!


On today’s podcast episode, we answer many questions from podcast listener, Kabir.


You’ll discover answers to questions about saturated fats, carbs in the morning and can high fat consumption cause muscle loss?


Plus, we talk about ketosis and so much more!


Here are the questions provided by listener, Kabir:


—  Are saturated fats really healthy? Like whole milk cheese (cheddar), animal fats etc?


—  If blood sugar drops below the normal, isn’t it that the muscle glucose gets released and chance of muscle reducing get enhanced? ( glycogen..)


—  Coffee, Grain fed butter, MCT – I am having oatmeal everyday. Is the coffee healthier ? I am still In doubt…I want to preserve at least how much muscle mass I do have …also in India, we get enough ‘oil’ ( though not the good kind), in the food…every food is cooked with oil.


—  I am mixing GOOD WHOLE CARBS currently with my ‘diet’ which I have invented. This new diet is nuts in the morning with oatmeal, then celery juice with spirulina. AT 1 PM- I have green veggies with other vegetables like beans . At 4pm- I have yogurt full fat with protein shake with one fruit. At 5:30 I have GRAM FLOUR ( channa). After exercise , I have another protein shake with banana. For dinner, again veggies. Before sleeping, again protein shake. Is this a good routine?


—  I am not able to go FULL FAT, LOW CARB..( though I have cut out on the junk carbs..and candies, chocolates and all that crap..) is this good enough? Or I need to go on like a Dr.Rochdale type of diet..VERY HIGH FAT, VERY LOW CARB.. “let your body get energy from fats not carbs ” theory?


—  Is MCT oil better or Brain Octane Oil? ( I read about that guy Dave Asprey)


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