17 | Let’s Cool It Down: Get Ice Cold To Burn Your Beer Belly

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What’s Cooler Than Being Cool??!!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover 2 other types of fat inside your body. You’ll learn the difference between the two and what all this means for your overall health.


You’ll also discover the causes of white fat and brown fat, along with learning about 5 ways cold therapy can make you a happier, healthier person.


The difference between white fat and brown fat:


—  White fat gives you life, but excess amounts of it can give you obesity, sickness and disease.


—  Brown fat helps you burn body fat and it diminishes excess white fat.


Here are the causes of white fat:


1 | Processed Foods


2 | Processed Carbohydrates


3 | Grains and Whole Grains


4 | Sugar


5 | Living A Sedentary Lifestyle


Here are the causes of brown fat:


1 | Cold Therapy


2 | High Intense Workouts


3 | Eating Real Wholesome Foods


4 | Getting High Quality, Deep Sleep


Here are 3 quick ways cold therapy can make you healthier:


1 | Cold Therapy Can Boost Your Body’s Brown Fat


2 | Cold Therapy Can Boost Your Metabolism And Lower Your Blood Sugar


3 | Cold Therapy Can Boost Your Body’s Immune System


2 More Bonus Ways Cold Therapy Can Make You Healthier:


1 | Reduces Inflammation


2 | Heals Injuries


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