16 | How To Burn Belly Fat And Enjoy Quality Craft Beer On A Budget

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Budget Belly Burning and Beer Drinking!


On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover how to burn belly fat and enjoy quality craft beer on a budget.


You’ll learn 7 simple ways to enjoy real wholesome foods on a budget, along with 3 easy ways to enjoy quality craft beer on a budget.


This is your budget savior podcast episode!


Here are the 7 ways to enjoy real wholesome foods on a budget:


1 | Don’t make it a huge sweeping change of lifestyle


2 | Choose only one or two types of oil to have on hand


3 | Hit up a local farmer’s market for your produce


4 | Get your meat from local farms, butchers or online… and always in bulk


5 | Only buy what you’ll actually eat


6 | Order your pantry items in bulk and online


7 | Eggs


Here are the 3 ways to enjoy quality craft beer on a budget:


1 | Look for the more typical, mainstays of the craft beer world


2 | Go to the bar or a local brewery during happy hour


3 | Buy a sixer of higher alcohol content craft beer


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