15 | 5 Ways Beer Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

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Be Healthy. Boost Energy. Beat Cravings. Burn Belly Fat. Beer Me!


On this podcast episode, you’ll discover 5 ways beer can actually help you lose weight. You’ll also learn more about Belgian beer and how it may improve your overall gut health.


You’ll also discover 5 craft beers that are lower in calories than milk, orange juice, apple juice, Coca-Cola and Pepsi.


Here are the 5 ways beer can actually help you lose weight:


1 | Belgian Beer Can Help Fix Your Gut Health


2 | Beer Is Packed With Vitamins And Nutrients


3 | Beer Is Lower In Calories Than Most Other Types Of Drinks


4 | Hoppy Beers Can Help Fight Off Inflammation


5 | Beer Helps To Regulate Your Appetite And Squash Cravings, When Drinking In Moderation


Here are 3 excellent Belgian beers to choose from:


1 | Chimay Tripel


2 | Saison Dupont


3 | Duvel


Here are 5 craft beers that are lower in calories than most other drinks:


1 | Stone Levitation Ale – 132 Calories


2 | Taras Boulba – 135 Calories


3 | Full Sail Session Lager – 130 Calories


4 | Firestone Walker Easy Jack Session – 135 Calories


5 | Types of Guinness Draught – Ranging From 100 to 125 Calories


Other Drinks Calorie Content:


1 | 1% Milk – 144 Calories


2 | 2% Milk – 170 Calories


3 | Orange Juice – 153 Calories


4 | Apple Juice – 160 Calories


5 | Coca-Cola – 140 Calories


6 | Pepsi – 150 Calories



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