14 | 6 Ways To Get Six Pack Ab Muscles While Drinking Craft Beer

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Rip That Belly Fat Out And Replace It With Ripped Abs!


On this podcast episode, you’ll discover 6 ways to get six pack ab muscles while drinking craft beer. We’ll also provide you with a bonus tip on achieving six pack ab muscles while drinking craft beer.


You’ll learn a bonus ab exercise you can do anywhere.


And finally, you’ll be given 5 motivation tips to help keep you motivated going forward.


Here are the 6 ways to get six pack ab muscles while drinking craft beer:


1 | Eat real wholesome food


2 | Start every morning off by ingesting a lot of healthy fats


3 | Cut the cardio


4 | Short intense workouts


5 | Intense powerful crunches


6 | Stay motivated


A BONUS 7th way to get six pack ab muscles without giving up craft beer:


— Ditch the corporate mass produced beer and start drinking quality craft beer


Here’s a BONUS ab exercise you can do anywhere:


— Basically just flex or tighten up your abs like doing kegels and release. Do this over and over again all day. You can do it in your car or while sitting at your desk at work.


And finally, here are some motivation tips:


— Don’t do it alone. Train and eat well with someone. They can help keep you accountable and you can help keep them accountable


— Set realistic goals


— Set many different attainable small goals in order to create healthy habits


— Visualize and improve


— Stay positive


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