13 | 7 Burnin’ Benefits Of Avocados

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More Avocados Please!


On this podcast episode, you’ll discover 7 incredible benefits of avocados. It’s one of our favorite foods here at Burn Off Your Beer Belly.


Let us explain to you why we love them so much!


If you don’t like avocados, you should seriously reconsider your taste buds. Give them another try. They are so great for your overall health and wellness. Make sure they’re of the Hass variety. Eat them whole or make guacamole!


Here Are The 7 Burnin’ Benefits Of Avocados


1 | They’re loaded with so many different vitamins and nutrients


2 | They’ll keep your heart healthy


3 | They’re an awesome source of healthy fats that induce absorption


4 | They’re a great source of fiber


5 | They’ll improve your overall cholesterol


6 | They contain more potassium than bananas


7 | They’ll help you burn belly fat!


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