12 | 12 Health Foods You Should Avoid Like The Plague

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Avoid These Foods Like The Plague!


On this podcast episode, you’ll discover 12 foods that mainstream and conventional wisdom says are healthy for you. We’ll show you how mainstream and conventional wisdom is completely wrong about this!


We’ll dive into the psychology behind why you’ve been duped into believing these foods are healthy for you.


Stop listening to mainstream and conventional health advice, instead start avoiding their advice like the plague!


Here’s The 12 ‘Health’ Foods You Should Avoid Like The Plague:


1 | Whole Wheat Bread


2 | Turkey Bacon


3 | Skim Milk


4 | Low-Fat Yogurt


5 | Lean Pockets


6 | Diet Soda


7 | Gluten-Free Processed Foods


8 | Organic Junk Food


9 | Lean Cuisines


10 | Fat-Free Dressings


11 | Frozen Yogurt


12 | Breakfast Cereals


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